ATHEISTS: What caused you to become an atheist?

Were you raised an atheist or did some religious belief turn you to atheism?

Read the bible.

I was raised a catholic then into a christian household. Now I’m an atheist. I found how ridiculous any god can be, thus, turning me into an atheist

Well i looked at the bible at an early age, and said to myself &quot:This **** doesn’t make sense.&quot: Even in fifth grade I could see the logical inconsistencies in the bible. It makes me sad some adults can’t

commonly, that’s some style of tragedy that leads to dying. they are going to ask themselves why an all-efficient God of love might enable this variety of challenge to ensue. different circumstances, they have been raised by technique of their mothers and fathers to no longer have faith in any gods, perhaps to be greater religious than to have faith in an stronger power affecting their lives.

Education, Physics, Biology, Technology, Reality.

My heart.

born in a somewhat neutral house, only went to church like 5 times maybe in my life time.
later in life i decided to read the bible and do research on science. the bible should be the best way to convert someone to atheism, people complain about when people say this but they themselves havent even read the entire bible.

they have audio read alongs to make it even easier. when i heard of all of science i believed that before even considering the biblical way of how everything came.
its more likely everything happened naturally than to believe it happened magically and then also add the additional step of god just always existed because that isnt needed

All people are born atheist.

You will find most pro active atheists are ex one religion or another because they know what it really is

Brain Trauma

I was a Xian for over 30 years. In my desire to get closer to god and know more about god, I began to study the Bible in depth. It was through my Bible studies that I realized what a load of crap it all is and stopped believing the myths and lies I had been taught.


I started asking questions in church and soon realized they had no idea what they where talking about and where afraid of my questions. When I reached the age of reasoning I decided it was not for me.

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