Would any Christians here vote for an Atheist Presidential?

candidate if he was in agreement with all your other political issues?

Absolutely. I would vote for an atheist, Pagan, or any other type of non-Christian if I felt that he or she were the best candidate for the position.

Yes, who cares about what he believes in or not. He is just a political leader. He isn’t Christ. He isn’t my spiritual leader or Savior. He is a simple man who will be president for the next four years and whatever happened to separation of state and religion. Why are we even discussing a candidate’s beliefs? Who cares? As long he helps America, then Ron Jeremy could his god.

Someone with the humilty to say he just does not know when the facts are not in yet knowing how large the universe is and just how many universes there are and he cant say yes or no
well that person would be humble enough to have that kind of power

But a person who was convinced without all the facts who was a fundementalis athiest NO
There is no difference between a fundemtalist creationsist and a fundmentalist athiest they are the same kind of lunatic
they both have no humility,

Im an atheist and I would vote for a Christian (or any other theist) president…or prime minister in my case…

As long as their political and social policies were in tune with my views.

Deciding who should be the leader of a democratic nation based solely on their religion or lack thereof is well…idiotic.

If he was firmly pro-life and fiscally conservative, yes I would.

I’m Catholic and I don’t like the two big &quot:Catholic&quot: politicians making news right now. Neither of them espouse what I believe a practicing Catholic should about social or political issues.

Yes, I would as I would anyone else, because to vote is to acceptance, and faith in the system. I would not act no ways different because to an extent of getting elected a politcian will lie, and the you get over

Depends on the issues. I wouldn’t vote for a Christian who was pro-abortion. To me a contradiction of terms

Religious preferences do not affect me when I make a choice on who is to run my country for four years. However if their religion affects their capabilities, then yes, it will affect my vote.


No. How often have politicians said things like that just to get votes?
Christians are not Americans. Neither are we Koreans, Russians or anything else. We are subjects of the Eternal Kingdom. God is our king, and we are merely foreigners in this world. Once we leave this place we will present our passports and report to our King. Do you have such a passport?

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