Will God punish me for sinning?

Or am I just feeling down for failing to keep his word when i’ve been trying very hard to be strong in keeping with his word. i feel like sin is seperating my personal relationship with God. i won’t compromise again. i know he’ll forgive me. but it seems like i’ve said this once before. everytime i was genuine, but i still allowed myself at a time of weakness to give in. i feel i’ll loss his blessing, and be tested and be placed somewhere i dont want to be in. not really punishing me, but allowing me to be sifted and stuff, or lose his blessing, i felt strongly connected, but sin has separated me from him, and i want it back.

If you are a repentant Christian, your sins are forgiven based on the Righteousness of Yeshua (Jesus) and His act of substitutionary atonement on our behalf.

If you are not a repentant Christian, you will be judged based on your sins, and the wages of sin is death (cf. Romans 3:23, 6:23).

Sinners may be punished by man for their sins (if they are illegal acts under human government), but G-d forgives the Christian who has the faith to repent of his/her sins.

Because God is not indifferent to evil because He is good and He makes sure rightly justice is served. But I have to correct you the only ones that are damned in Hell are the unrepented sinners, those who felt no remorse for they harm they caused to themselves or upon others while they were alive here on earth. The other thing you fail to understand is that the damned are the enemies of God and man they are in Hell because they are beyond the aid of repenting for their sins in fact they blame God and others for where they are at this prevents them from ever entering Heaven. And I have to correct you God does not send people to Hell they send themselves to Hell their punishment stems from their sin not from God. Think of it like this a criminal commits a crime they get caught and brought before a judge and are convicted for their crime. God is the judge He was never responsible for the sinner committing the sin that was done by their own choice. And just as laws punish criminals proportional to their crime just as the punishment that stems from sin is proportional to the sin. The damned never get more or less than what they are deserving. But we are talking about Hell and not Purgatory which is a totally different matter because those who are in Purgatory eventually enter Heaven.

Try being atheist for a day. In no way am I trying to have a stab at religion because that would offend the manjority of people here but I’d just like to point out what it’s like. We don’t live in fear of eternal damnation of a god of any kind, we believe more in ourselves and what is around us. We accept life as it is in the ‘here and now’ and that whatever happens after death is a mystery to us all because no one that has died, has lived to tell the tale, or so to speak.

Anyways, I’m not too sure on God’s policies but from what I hear he/she’s a pretty forgiving deity. If he/she did infact create humans I’m sure they know we’re far from perfect :).

Don’t live in fear, for that’s the biggest waste.

No, God is not a condemning God, he knows we humans are weak and that we are all sinners but, that doesn’t mean he loves us less because we fall. So long as you keep trying again when you fall, God looks at your heart and he knows you keep going back to him so, he does forgive you if you confess it to Him. If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that He is the son of God, you are saved. God looks at the heart and if you know in your heart you want to stop sinning, pray to God that he might help you to get strong. Never give up trying to get right with God when you fall, you will succeed at the end by His grace. The enemy wants you to think God will condemn you, that’s his job to lure you away from God. I will be praying for your your need and I believe you will get stronger with God’s help. Hang in there, GOD IS LOVE.

You will be pleased to know that in Gods eyes there is no sin.. The true God never judges, condemns or punishes anyone for anything. You really need to read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch..You deserve the truth.. God bless you

When we do not recognize a sin as a sin, then I think God might step in to show us the error of our way. If we do recognize that we are sinning, then we ask forgivness and try not to repeat that sin. It may take alot of trying, but eventually you will overcome and not repeat the sin. Dont be so hard on yourself, you are only human.

Yes – but only if you don’t ask for forgiveness.

You’re always going to sin, you’re never going to be perfect, and God knows that. You may have been genuine in the past and you will probably continue to be genuine in your forgiveness. Thankfull God isn’t a &quot:3 strikes you’re out&quot: kindof God.

God Made YOU , God KNOWS you , God Loves You
you are already feeling the Punishment of not fulfilling your promise you feel like you have failed….. but you Have not failed you are learning ….. a lesson …… and their is no sorrow or fear that you can cast upon God that will burden Him. Pray For Strength and ask for his help . you are depending on your strength and if you only depend on your own strength …you will never be strong enough.

your heart is in the right place ……
Prayer , Patience and a little bit of Humbleness is all you need.

I Pray you find your way

We all fail God, He doesn’t condemn us for it. In Romans 8:1 there is no condemnation to those who belong to Christ Jesus. On the other hand Paul talked in Romans that should we continue on sinning so that grace may abound? Certainly not, for whatever you present yourselfs to that is your master. God knows our hearts and how we feel about it when we fail Him.
We come to Him and and ask for forgiveness and give Him the problem and I know God picks us up and brushes us off and says there we can do it together………. Trust in Him

I would say no, since this God should be a lot more forgiving of simple humans that he created. He did not make us perfect, so he shouldn’t expect us to be perfect. So shame on a God that would punish humans for sinning.

The only way back to GOD is to get back up and try again. And you’re right SIN IS SEPARATING YOU. Live Holy!!

By the way the next time you think about sinning…just ask yourself &quot:Does it give GOD glory??&quot:

This should make you really think about what you’re doing next time.

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