Taurus guy Cancer girl! Help please can any Taurus guys or any girls who have went out with a tauruses relate?

ok so i like this taurus. i have liked him for a while but we have never talked. i used to flirt with him last year but then i stopped. one of friends friends asked one of my friends if i still liked him a year later so he odviously knew i liked him and since i had been staring at him when i passed by him. he usually wouldnt stare at me if he is talking to a friend but when he is just walking alone he usually just stares at the floor or in the opposite direction of me but i think he could be staring at me from the corner of his eye becuz i do the same thing when we pass eachother in the hall and i am walking alone. my friend also heard him saying something about me to one of his friends and he added me on facebook a while ago and im pretty sure he didnt know my last name before so he actually bothered to remember my name. he also saw me talking to one of my other friends and then a few days later my friend starting to about how fun i am with someone else and then he butts into the convo asking if they were talking about me and he starts asking questions and says isnt she usually really quiet and the reason he says im quiet is because i have alot of classes with his friends and in class i am really quiet and since he apprently talks about me with his friends thats probably how he knows i am quiet but then my friend starting telling him that i am really fun and she said he seemed happy. i tried talking to him on facebook about how he did on a sportsgame and he didnt answer back. also today was his birthday(may17)said happy birthday even if i didnt really want to. were kinda young. im 13 and a cancer, he just turned 14 todays and hes a taurus. i believe in this horoscope stuff becuz some of the things that the horoscope stuff says about a taurus and cancer personaility i can completely agree and understand so i guess its true. i read that when a taurus man has his heart set on a girl he wont give up until there together and since he hasnt attempted to try to start a relationship with me i guess he doesnt like me but then he does all this stuff that gives me some hope so my guess is he isnt sure if he likes me or not yet. i also read somewhere that it is normal for a taurus to get strong and silent when they are near a girl that a maybe attracted to and thats kinda would he would stare at me when i used to flirt with him. he would give me this kinda scary fierce look and just try to keep a straight face. just tell me anything you can. tell me what 14 year old tauruses find attractive?how i can start talking to him?since apprently some taureses refuse to make the first move and completely ignore the girl they may like so she will never find out and it wont break his pride. tell me anything you can and if you relate somehow. o last thing, he doesnt seem like the shy type and hes really loud and talks to plently of girls so i wouldnt see why he cant make an attempt. anyway sorry its long and help! thanks in advance =)

I read it all:) lol im a cancer too &amp: im 14 turning 15 soon!

i could have had helped but sorry i dont really know much about
taurus.. but i do know that they are a great match!!

this is something i found:Taurus fulfills Cancer’s secret sexual fantasies. This combination is perfect for sex and romance. Both are emotional, sensual and family oriented. They both could leave other love relationships once they have met and fallen in love. Cancer has finally found someone who can provide the right intensity that past lovers were unable to deliver. These two will travel and experience many pleasurable pursuits together. Music and sensual excitement will always be evident in this attraction. Taurus loves Cancer’s depth and would drop everything in order to hold on to this sexy and mesmerizing sign. Sex could leave them speechless and whatever language they speak, they will not need a translator. Sex will be what attracts them and love will be what ultimately keeps them together. Taurus will need to tone down stubbornness or Cancer will feel left out and become moody. Cancer has a stabilizing influence and can bring a sort of sexual healing into Taurus life.

im a shy cancer &amp: i know how u feel, im the same im super shy to
talk to my crush like really shy cannot even explain it here haha..
but yeah i guess if he wont talk to you, you have too.

good luck! =)

OK, that’s extremely long. I’ll just put it like this. Taurus is earth and cancer is water. It’s a perfect match. Just stay calm, and you two will be fine.

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