Respectfully, Your Opinion Of The Candidates Position On The Middle East Conflict?

No recent political statement underscores so graphically our need to reform election funding as does Obama’s recent statements relating to Iran and to Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.
He touts his independence of powerful monied elites, but then fits his middle east policy to the the wishes of one of the most powerful,the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

After 60 years of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
to produce an Israeli state functioning for one religious group, the capture of Jerusalem virtually ensures continued conflict.

Now we have Obama and McCain supporting
continued conflict in the Middle East, when the vast majority of Americans want the conflict to end.

We have two choices in November, but can it be considered a democracy when neither of the candidates is advocating an end to support of the Middle East war which Americans dearly want?

Thank you for your answers

There has always been conflict in the &quot:REGION&quot: and there always will be….because 3 major regions are fighting for the same turf. I was over there in the late 70’s, in the Navyand barely saw anything growing that you could eat…that’s all they have to rely on is religion…after the oil runs out, the have no sustaining economy.
Both candidates have their view on how to proceed.
In my mind, Obama wants to tell them, &quot:why can’t we all just get along?&quot:
I believe McCain, in his heart, believes that this Iraq quagmire is the stupidist thing this country ever did, but if he is going to be president, America needs to have leverage and get out of that mess without looking like Osama defeated us.
In the end, I’ve got to trust McCain and his methodolgy or we will be in bigger trouble over the long run.
As long as we need oil from the Mid-East, we will be involved in their politics, whch means religion.

I think the money trail of this election goes directly to the Middle East, with Jewish funds behind McCain and Muslim money behind Obama.

I think Obama will follow the money, I think McCain will follow the money.

It so happens that I believe the corruption behind McCain best serves America because I believe that the Christian faith is correct in its support of Israel (the Abrahamic Covenant, Genesis 12, and Romans 9-11).

Neither candidate has a Middle East solution, and neither candidate has the power or connections to be anything other than a bit player in a global band that is centered in the volitale region where hate of Israel drives geo-political and religious decisions. Obama is nothing more than a pawn in this chess game.

We are witnessing a major set of events that will dictate peace or war within the next few months.

Either way, Iran will be the first major move in this chess game, with Israel/Britian/US and _______ taking out the nuclear plants Iran is working on.

Obama is aligned with the Muslim world, literally millions of Muslim money is being feed into this election.

I am not sure who is going to elect the next President, the US citizen or the Middle East influence…

America has a complex were we think we have to help everybody. One of the answers has already said maybe we should just leave everyone else alone for awhile and let them work it out. It probably won’t happen but it might not be a bad idea. The Middle East has been at war for thousands of years. I’m not sure it will be settled until Armageddon. I’m a religious person but it is at the center of this conflict and until all sides realize that God doesn’t want us fighting over him it won’t stop. The God I worship is a God of peace but many think that their way of worship is the only way and that everyone else are heathen savages. It’s stupid to fight over God and then preach that God loves you and will take care of you. That’s hypocrisy. I have NO RIGHT to tell anyone how to worship or if they should worship. And NOBODY ELSE does either. Live your life with peace and charity in your heart. That’s what God wants. Obama is only saying things that he thinks will get him elected and so is McCain. I wonder if there are any politicians that truly have the welfare of the people as their primary objective.

in my view,you have to look at this with all factors with great care and judgement, this war because it is no longer a conflict between palestine and israel cannot have a fair judgement by an american leader mainly bacause of the fear of loosing political support from evangelicals,right wingers and some of the elite so there has to be a compromise that would appear as to serve both justice and politics ,remember that Gaza was part of egypt and west bank was with jordan but where captured in 1967 so this means that ancient palestine is were present day israel is,the notion that israel is a jewish state means that a 5th generation jew from latin america can migrate to israel and will have more rights than a 10 th generation palestinian over the same piece of land,and many arabs ,muslims and others see that as unjustified,there is also a big question on the boundaries of ancient judea and who the rightfull jews are(12 original tribes plus the black hebrews who claim to be the real jews not the european zionist immigrants) nonetheless in november there is also the liberterian on the ballot a good choice for no more war,remember that the economy has a big base on oil and war ,the end of all conflicts would lead to a loss of market of military hardware and that would lead to great turmoill and unempoyment (political consquences)
am not sure i agree with people wanting this conflict to end ,i think they want it to end there way,personally i think that the line between church and country was crossed with the leaders believing in this biblical forecast of the rebirth of israel and return of jesus and so do many people hence palestinians cannot concede and neither will israelis.the capture of jerusalem or to be precise temple mount which the jews want to claim will be the first step into a global religious based war in my view,mccain said that there should or will be (not sure) religious freedom in the middle east (already there though),anyone can see the path he has chosen,Obama on the otherhand has been like mccain an appeaser …no offense

The middle east would setytle down exponentially if Israel would leave the territories in Palestine that they said they would and haven’t. Take away the reason for someone to hate and they have no reason to be uncooperative with you. Are you aware of the millions of our tax dollars that are spent given to Egypt and Israel to not fight each other? That’s like giving rival gangs money to stop fighting to ensure a peaceful neighborhood. We can thank president Carter for that!

I am convinced that we need to stop supporting other countries for a while – let them swim for themselves now. I wonder who our friends really are and who the rest are that simply pacify themselves while we are giving them money.

Ethnic cleansing is incorrect. That could have been accomplished in a couple of years, and there would be no Palestine.

TM I agree, concerning neither candidate coming out with committment to ending the support of the Middle Eastern Conflict. We must continue to let our concerns be known. One way to do that is for people to get out and vote.
Good Post, TM.

Neither Candidate has convinced me that they understand War! The object of War is to win! For some reason we want to spread this Good Guy image around the world. We have conquered Iraq, it is time to invoke the rights of Conquest. Pump the oil fields dry, loot, pillage and sew the fields with salt as an example to other countries that would show sympathy to those who attack the US.

Sherman understood this!

Midgets really piss me off a lot! That may seem a bit absurd, but it’s the truth. They’re just so damn short! Also, I think that the US economic system, ie capitalism, has way to much influence over our political system–mainly w/ all the special interest groups and lobbyists and PACs. That also pisses me off.

As with other issues, sometimes neither of the candidates is suggesting what the American public wants. What you have to do is look at ALL the issues and decide which one comes closest to what you want for the country.

As to wanting the conflict to end, that’s a nice sentiment, but it won’t happen in our lifetime. People just need to accept that, but America still needs to butt out.


Do you know the HISTORY of that Region?

Before you make statements &quot:After 60 years of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians&quot:
you should find out everything about what is real &amp: what is media blitz compain…….

If you like I will be happy to explain what is going on in that Region for the last 5000 years……

Please let me know.

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