want too adopt a siberian huskey?

Information that you absolutely need to read:

If the breed fits your lifestyle, consider adoption. Check out http://www.petfinder.com or http://www.siberianrescue.com/

OMG you should adopt a Siberian Huskey!!

I’ve heard that they are really good dogs and there cute!!

I have one and she’s the best dog in the world. The only drawbacks about Huskies is that they will run away if not leashed and they are stubborn. They’re sweet and extremely loyal though.

You will need many things for your husky:
general items: food toys etc
a large fenced in yard
you should not live in a neighborhood with small animals
you shouldnt live in hot areas like florida

Here are 1437 of them! :]

You need to be where it is very cold. Huskeys don’t like heat at all and won’t be happy. They are very smart and playful.

They’re nice, but because of their popularity, they are indiscriminately bred and therefore it is extremely difficult to get a hold of a well-bred one.

I know I do! But, I live were it is very hot so, that would just be torture for them! They ♥ the cold!

I WANT ONE! lol but they’d hate it here…lol

They are FANTASTIC dogs!www.petfinder.com

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