My husband is going to visit his sister in law, Islamically, is this okay?

My husband is going to go visit his sister in law (meaning, his brother’s wife) to help her with her computer. Her husband is out of town so it will just be them two. Personally, I feel like this is not okay (Islamically) because there is no mehram there, so I suggested that I go with him too, so there is a third person there. Am I correct in doing so?

Salam for you my dear sister. Yes you and your husband are correct.Visiting your sister in law while your brother is going out of town your husband should be accompanied by yourself as his wife.If only both of them who are non muhrim,the third will be syaitan.
It is a good visi too during ramdan you and your husband make a good deed to help your sister in law and also to strengthen communication or silaturahmi.

I dont get this. If you trust each other, you should not have a problem with where he goes. You are gifted human beings, with a sense of right and wrong, intelligence given by god. You dont need a &quot:mehram&quot: to certify anything.

You guys are just undermining your sense of resolving between right and wrong and causing reasons to mistrust each other by behaving this way! he is a mature guy and ure sister in law is a mature girl who knows their responsibilities.

how many years have you been marrried by the way?

You should go with your husband to prevent any fitna. And he should call up his brother to get permission to go to his brother’s house.

That is not okay. She should wait for her husband to return to fix it. There is no need for her to call your husband and have him fix it. You should defiantly go with him. In the future, tell her she is more than welcome to call you for help if her husband isn’t around.

Her Mahram should be with her because it is not permissible for them to be alone.

Recall the Hadeeth: &quot:The brother in law is death&quot:

Yes, if they are only two, third person would be Shaitan.

yes youre right u should go islamically

U should def go with him.

definelty go with him..just to be safe…

No its not ok.

You should go with him.

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