I want to be a model. I dont know how I can make it but I do want to try. I’m 4’11&quot: and 98 pounds at age 13.

I want to be a modle. I am 13 years old. I am I’m 4’11 and 98 pounds. I love fashion and want to pursue it as a career. I really want to be a model. My family dosen’t have a lot of money at this point and I don’t know where to begin. If you have any answers please contact me . I would love you hear what you have to say. thank again. Alyssa =]

Darling slow down you have alot of life to live before you make decisions about your career.
If you enjoy modelling and fashion, why not begin by designing some of your own clothing? Be creative and tasteful darling. At 13, you are at such a fun age! Use colours and patterns that suit your vivacious personality!
A modelling career is a very hard one. But having a design flare might get your foot in a door much faster. Take your time over the highschool years. Take art classes and continue with Physical Education, as it will develop your poise and balance. Take pictures and documentation of EVERYthing you create.
In the meantime, stay healthy, eat right, stay active. Consider getting a small job to finance your fabric and accessory purchases. If you start thinking and planning now, you will get where you want to go, but be patient darling… everything comes with a price.

Honestly, you are probably too short. I modeled for a bit as a teenager and at 5’7&quot:, I was considered short. I would of had to go to Japan to pursue anything for real. The modeling industry is not a kind one and most people in it do not have your best interest at heart. If you love fashion, there are many other avenues you can pursue. The only advice that I hope you take is this, never go anywhere to meet an agent or photographer by yourself and don’t EVER EVER give anyone any money!!!! Some agencies will tell you that you have what it takes but you need a portfolio that will cost you money. If they really want to sign you and they are legit, it shouldn’t cost you a dime. Don’t get suckered in!!!!! Good luck!!!

A great thing to do first is to get your parents in on it! You’re 13 so legally you will need them.

You can look online for places in your area that want models on hand so they may hire you right on.
You can try and be more official and go to CA and blah blah. (your mom should know this)

One of the best things to do (and it’s fun!!) called networking. (get a myspace, deviantArt, and any other good networking account!) Get to know photographers, and even watch the artwork of people. You never know when they’ll want a model! &amp: they might know someone else who wants a model… and so on

For example: http://zemotion.deviantart.com/journal/16957996/

The internet has a lot of good ways to get recognized! model with your own camera, show off!

two days ago a magazine asked me if they could feature my work in greece.


– – – –
it takes about 1-2 years to get going if you’re good. Just have the right attitude!!!

Sites to network and advertise yourself on via profile ect: http://www.deviantart.com



– – –

google and network for more sites you should join or take a look at. You will find your thing ^^

P.S. YOU ARE NOT TOO SHORT it doesn’t matter anymore unless you’re in Europe or are wanting to start off awesome.

P.S.S. I network for models because I’m a photographer/model. I find them on myspace and in real life!

P.S.S.S. Remember the internet’s not the only way to network. Do so in real life along with your parents!

why does every little girl want to be a model???

Why do you want to be a model? because you like clothes, hair and make up???/ EVERY LITTLE GIRL DOES!

Do you want to be told your fat everyday??? because if you havent noticed thats how majority of models get treated!

I pray noone gives you advice. Seek something better in life than a &quot:career&quot: that is over the day you hit 30!

If your model material, than you’ll be found. Quit searching!

Start out for stores like, the Bay , Sears ,etc. When I was little, my Mom was going to sign me up for modeling, but it was too much money and we’d have to travel to Toronto and she didn’t want me going through it at the age I was at .
Good Luck though, wait until you get older. =]

try modeling for stores like Aeropostal or Juicy Couture, you’re kinda short, but you’re still growing so you should definatley contacy a modeling agency if you love fashion and want to start modeling

I know how u feel. im 14 and i really want to model. but like everyone says, its not easy.

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im sorry i cant help, but i wanna wish u good luck!
i am sure you can be a model if you really want to!

that’s a little short
go to limited too or some kiddie store, older stores won’t accept you

good luck though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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