Can I get a car loan at 16?

So I’m 16. I have my license. I work everyday. Make about $1500-$2000 a month. I have a bank account with Bank of America. I need a car loan. I have some money saved up for a car. My Dad is going to help me too! But I need like $2000 more for the car I want. So can I get a car loan? Or will I have to have my Dad co-sign? Also, How long will that take for me to pay off and what would my monthly payment be? I live in WA if that helps at all! Thanks! 10 points to best answer

Until you are 18 you cannot enter into a binding contract. Your dad will have to cosign.

When I was 16 I got a car loan. It was under my dads name thugh. But I made all the ayments. When you get a car financed you usually need to have full coverage insurance on the car. I would suggest going into ure bank and talking to someone in the loans department. Hope this helps
FOllow the following link to find out how much car you can afford.


Sorry it is illegal to get u a loan.
if u making 1500- 2K$ month, save
up next 3months buy cash only car.
DAD shouldn’t cosign for u either.

no in a word

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