Why none of michael jackson music in guitar hero or rock band?

I ‘m really wondering this for a while now most of MJ music is mix with rock and pop why not put his music in guitar hero. Why not make MJ a playable character in guitar hero and throw a bunch of his music with that and watch this game sell like crazy. I would love to see dirty diana or give into me on there.Am i the only one that wants this?

They probably thought about it, but trying to get his music, as popular as he was. That’s a lot of money.

I guarantee there will be a Micheal Jackson Guitar Hero/Rock Band video game editions before Christmas Everyone wants to ride the MJ money train.

Idk. But i think they should. They probably dont wanna pay all that money…but if they have a Beatles version why not have a MJ version??? And whoever said nobody would buy it…i guess i am a nobody cause i would surely buy it. Actually, Millions of people i guess are…nobodies. The only thing i know is that they have Beat It on Guitar Hero and ABC on Rock Band …thats it.

Securing the publishing rights and obtaining the necessary recording to do something like that is no easy feat. There’s a lot of legal stuff to take care of and some publishers outright refuse to let their music be used that way (ever notice there’s no Led Zeppelin either? That’s a much more obvious choice, but they don’t want to release their master tapes)

Because those game companies don’t want to pay billions of $ for the rights to songs that people who listen to good music like the songs they already have don’t want to play. But there are a few MJ songs that should be available to get free if you should choose.

Maybe they haven’t really thought about it yea. I don’t know because I never played it.

Because it is meant for rock. Not child molesting music.

No one would buy it

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