How do Republicans feel about McCain’s VP choice, Sarah Palin?

I am curios to know….The democrats seem happy with Joe Biden. Are the Republicans Ok with Sarah Palin?

Personally, I am suspicious of his decision to pick Mrs. Palin. I wonder if it was a strategic move to show similar diversity, as the Democrats have shown with Hillary and Obama.

I’m Catholic and McCain most certainly doesnt have my vote.

He has just brought in someone less experienced than Obama.

Any woman who votes for McCain now just to get a woman in office needs to have her voters card taken away.

Can you imagine McCain dying and this woman who is already under investigation by the FBI for abuse of power, taking over as President?

McCain will not win.

I’m a democrat but I was leaning towards McCain after Hillary lost in the primaries. Then he picked Sarah Palin, look I don’t care you’re a woman ( I think thats the only legit reason she was picked) I want to know what your stand is on the war, on the economy, what you think about policies up until now. All these questions have been posed to her and yet there are no &quot:straight talk&quot: answers. What is that about? And now the press are being shielded out of meetings!? It’s either she can’t handle things on her own or they are hiding something. I wouldn’t trust her and how can I trust someone that doesn’t keep an eye out on her own family let alone email password (those things need to be change every 6 – 12 months) how can I trust someone to keep an out for the country.

I agree with Derek. Anyone that thinks McCain is progressive needs a serious reality check. He has been criticizing Obama from day one about his inexperience. Why in the world would he then cast aside a list of well decorated VP candidates for one that barely has any experience in office? Easy, she’s a woman, and a good looking one at that. While it is nice that a woman is running, I would be insulted if I was her. I would want to be picked because of the good qualities I could offer the country, not because I have a vagina. He is trying to sway the Hillary voters, but if they have any good sense at all, they will listen to what Hillary says and vote Obama.

There is only ONE reason why McCain chose Palin and everyone knows it. He wants to try and gain votes from Hillary supporters. Plain and simple. This is fine if you are in the race to simply win a contest, but America’s future is not a game! Obama picked Biden because he believes he could step in as worthy president at a moments notice (the most important VP selection criteria). McCain, however, picked Palin for votes alone. You could even say he picked her for his own personal interests…to &quot:win&quot: the presidential &quot:contest&quot:. When McCain said today that we need to put personal interests aside, it made me laugh because he clearly chose his VP for that exact reason. What a hypocrite!!! This brings up another point. McCain wants to lower taxes for the rich, hmmmmm, I wonder why? Maybe cause he is filthy rich!!! McCain is the same old (no pun intended) self interest, politician this country has been plagued with for years… I pray that the American people can look past traditional political boundaries and realize just how great Obama is and recognize the intelligence and talent he possess.

The Republicans in her home state are ecstatic, it seems. She has an 80% approval rating there, after all.

You can find links to local Alaska media coverage of the announcement in the special Sarah Palin section on the front page of http://www.USAMediaGuide.com, including a link to the Anchorage newspaper’s biography of her.

My only concern is that she has just been a governor for only 24 months..it suggest lack of experience. Yet, I’ve read up on her beliefs and what she stands for, and I am very impressed. I think it was a solid choice on McCain’s behalf, he knows what he’s doing. I am excited to see where this election goes. History in the making!

The highly respected Republican Governor of California just released a statement that clears up McCain’s bizarre VP choice.
He said
“I distinctly advised John that thought that he should definitely pick Sarah Conner !”….
….“And he misunderstood.”

McCain wins by a landslide now. She is smarter, more accomplished at a young age, and better looking than Biden. She gets the spotlight now, and Obama withers away.


The race has just been won by McCain…

I am Irish Catholic, conservative and a proud Republican. This is a perfect fit for me and my beliefs.

The women in this country will pour out in droves to vote for this energetic and smart woman.
Her views are mainstream conservative and she will appeal to gun owners, union, teachers, suburban women (mothers and younger women), Christians and more.
McCain camp…you’ve made the right choice!
Obama preaches &quot:Change&quot: . McCain delivers! I’d love to see Hillary today..I’d love to see Obama wishing he chose Hillary.

The Western states are now clinched…the Pro-Lifers are happy…the disgruntled Hillary lovers will switch over…
This is a win-win situation…
It also revitalizes McCain’s age issue (which personally I don’t feel there is one), too.
They look great together, too.

What a match..
Thank God! Obama and Biden just scare me.

I also like how she was in the crowd when introduced…unlike Biden and unlike Obama and the Greek temple…

Folks! We have a dream team here!

I am thrilled at his choice !!! This is one heck of an election. I think she will be fine having to deal with working for the entire nation. Alaska is no small state either !! She worked from the ground up, unlike Obama. McCain just won this election with his choice !!

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