Does anyone else hate Scott Boras?

All this guy cares about is money. The Nationals used a lot of their salary just to sign Strasburg whos not even in the majors. But you know what else? Hes the agent for Bryce Harper. If Harper goes to the 2010 draft, hes not going to sign with the Nationals because Scott is gonna ask for 1 billion dollars. What else do you hate about Scott?

The correct question is, Does anyone not hate Scott Boras?

The guy does his job well. Can’t put all the blame on him. He’s advising his clients to hold out for more money. ALL agents do this, not just Boras. It’s just Boras is the most high profile of them all. Do I like him, no, I think it is ridiculous that they signed Strasburg for that much. In my opinion, there should be a league minimum &amp: maximum for drafted players. Once they reach the majors, they can get whatever cash a team is willing to pay.

Scott Boras might be hated by most fans, but he does his job better than any sports agent. His job is to get his clients the best contract deals they can get, and he accomplishes that. He’ll never get &quot:black balled&quot: because teams will always want his clients, the big-money-getters. He may be the reason many baseball stars have such big attitudes, but why shouldn’t they? They’re baseball stars. He’s the one everyone loves to hate, but can do it right, like Dr. House from the TV series House or the New York Yankees.

It’s his job, but I agree, he is annoying. I loved it when A-Rod didn’t let him negotiate when he resigned, and instead A-Rod did it himself. Look, I know Alex makes a lot of money, but if Boras was negotiating with the Yankees A-Rod would have a base salary of 300 million at least. A-Rod probably saved us money there.

I’d love it if all of the high talent players weren’t all with Boras. It would make it so much easier to sign players.

More like, who doesn’t hate Scott Boras!

Are you kidding? He is the most loved man in baseball, well at least him Selig &amp: Bonds have been battiling it out for that title for a couple years. REAL class acts those three let me tell ya!

if i was allowed a consequence-free sucker punch to anyone i would save it up for that assmunch. the thing i hate about him the most was during the press conference for nick adenhart (rest in peace, man). seeing his fatass blubbering like a child made my blood boil because i will guarantee you they weren’t tears over a tragic loss of someone so young – they were tears over the loss of a potentially huge client.

As a Canadian, I hate the fact that he was the reason two Canadian kids drafted by the Jays are going back into next year’s draft unsigned

This is why MLB needs a ironclad slotting system for rookies. You get drafted here, here is your contract for 4 years.

If I was his client I would probably like him even though he always rides a fine line while negotiating. But everyone else hates his guts.

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