/&#92:/&#92:…Harry potter fans.. Random potter Q .. /&#92:/&#92:?

u would take NEWTs in what ??????

what is the worst thing filch can do to torture students ??????

** inspired by Bellatrix and Zachmir **… would u become a ghost ??????

do you have a Harry Potter character born in the same day as u ?? i do .. bill weasley is born in nov 29 just like me

My N.E.W.T.S. would be in DADA, um, maybe transfigurations (i’m not doing wonderfully in that class though). Umm, potions (I love it. I took chemistry in the muggle world). I would also take the Divination one, it’s easy to BS Trelawney.
Umm…I think thats about all. I’m no Hermione.

Filch? Ha…he’s so slow..he’s not hard to run from. (and he’s a squib, so he’s not hard to confund, either!)

I think I would actually, I dont think i’d be able to part from the world that easily. I’m such a curious person, i’d want to know what was going on after I died, what new inventions they had. I can’t bare the think that once i’m gone, about 50 years later, the whole world will be different and I’d never know.

Yes I do!! January 9th…same as Severus Snape!! (he’s exactly 30 years older than me).

Hehe, This is a cool question!

I would take newts in Divination, Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, magical creatures, runes, potions and……… instrumental music? (I don’t know, I just really love music!!)

The worst thing that filch can do to torture students would be to do a random strip tease! No…..ewwwwwwwww!!!!!! I think I would die if he did that! I have no idea…there are so many!

I probably wouldn’t become a ghost. As much as Iove life, I would like to think that when I am older I would look back on life and feel like I have done everything I wanted to do and have no regrets. I don’t see why I would need to come back as a ghost.

I don’t have anyone born on my birthday but Harry potter and my brother share the same birthday, July 31st!

I would take NEWTS in – DADA, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, and Herbology

I think the worse thing that Filch can do the torture the students is to make them write with that quill that Umbridge has.

No, I don’t think I’d become a ghost. Wouldn’t like it that much.

Nope, I don’t have a HP character born on the same day as me.

1. Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy.
2. Stare intently at them.
3. No, I wouldn’t. In the long run it would be very boring.
4. 6 Feb – Arthur Weasley

if u inherited Kreature … what would u do with him ??? I would order him to do things like chores, look for something i’ve lost, etc but i wouldnt be really harsh or rude to him. I’d give him food and be nice, kinda like a friend 🙂 It would be nice to have him, as I’d expect him to be nice to me too! I want private lessons with Dumbledore. Because he knows everything of course! 🙂 how many potter books do u have in hard cover ?? Um, from 5+ onwards its hardcover, otherwise the rest are paperback. triwizard tournament … if u can add\remove a task what would that be ??? Add. Umm, no idea, though! Maybe it’s like you’re in this game or something (like Snakes &amp: Ladders, eg) and you have to answer magical trivia Qs to go up or down..

1. I would take NEWTs in Defense Against the Dark Arts and/or Charms and/or Transfiguration.

2. The worst thing Filch could do to torture students would be hang them from their toes, whip them, and then spary boiling oil on them.

3. No. I would &quot:pass on&quot:. I think I would be bored as a ghost.

4. No.

I would take NEWTs in Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy.

Hang them by their thumbs (or toes) from the ceiling like they used to do…..

I don’t know if I would become a ghost….. I haven’t really thought about that…..

I have Harry and Neville AND J.K. Rowling…. I was born on July 31st!!

1. I would love to take NEWT potions…it seems like a fun class even if Severus is mean to non-Slytherin students.

2. Be within a foot of them…he’s really ugly and looks like he doesn’t practice good personal hygene…yuck!

3. Yes and I would probably lurk at the school…I’m a big geek and school has always been something I am good at (probaby is why I became a teacher…I’ll NEVER leave school…LOL)

4. No, I’m not that lucky 🙁 *tear*

1. DADA, Charms, Herbology, and… if some one besides Hagrid was teaching, Magical Creatures.

2. Well, I would have to say talk, because he sounds down right boring.

3. No. I’ve always been curios about what happens after death.

4. YES!!! Dobby. I love Dobby!!!( by love I mean favorite Character)

-potions, arithmancy, ancient runes, transfiguartion, charms, herbology and defense against the dark arts and muggle studies. i think that’s what hermione was taking, minus muggle studies, but i think they’re all fascinating subjects. i wouldn’t take defense or herbology but i would need them for being an auror or healer. i don’t know what else i’d do 🙂

-keep talking and leering about what he could do, but can’t. it’s a snore, all right, and he can’t do anything because he’s a squib and what he could do, he can’t because the ministry won’t allow it. perhaps, setting mrs. norris to tail you would be bad too…

nope. i’m curious to see what’s beyond. and nick put it well, it’s a feeble immitation of life, not very satisfying. and i’d see all my favorite characters again, because oddly enough they all died.

unfortunately not. i have like, the world’s least common birthday, april 29th.

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