WHAT is &quot:MESSIANIC JEWISH&quot: mean??

can someone tell me what that means, i just asked a question and someone made a comment about messianic…can anyone let me know? I am not jewish. thank you

Jan P is correct.

Messianic means Jewish people who believe Jesus Christ is their Messiah (their Savior) – that He died on the cross for the atonement of their sin – rose again on the third day – and one day is coming back to reign as THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH….

One day it will all make sense.
blessings to you : )

Messianic Judaism is a Christian movement using deceptive means to trick uneducated Jews into converting. Most are NOT form Jewish backgrounds but come from other Christian denominations.

for a discussion on their status in Judaism, see my blog here: http://marcl1969.wordpress.com/2008/06/2…

What others have said: Xtians who are trying to do Jewish ceremonies and holidays with Jesus thrown in. They aren’t Jewish.

Anyone that believes Jesus was the messiah is a Xtian. Jesus isn’t part of Judaism and they don’t believe he was the messiah or even a prophet.

You can be a sect of Xtianity but they shouldn’t call themselves Jews. The label of &quot:Messianic Jews&quot: insults Judaism because their messiah hasn’t come yet.

When reading the answers – figure which ones have the right to speak for the Jewish community and who doesn’t.

Answer: I’m starring this for my Jewish contacts, but here is a site that looks at the issue from a Jewish perspective: http://www.jewsforjudaism.org

Even when I was Christian, I felt there was something not &quot:right&quot: about calling someone a &quot:Messianic Jew&quot: because I was always taught that if you believed in Christ as the Messiah you were Christian. I still feel that way, and apparantly so do Religious Jews.

A ‘messianic’ is a Christian who likes to pretend being Jewish because being Christian somehow isn’t enough for them.

I know that sounds insulting–but I think it’s the truth.

There is no such thing as the Jewish RACE. Jews come in all shapes, colors and races–

Judaism is a religion. And when one leaves that religion for Christianity, one is no longer a Jew.

Period. End of sentence.

&quot:Messianic Jewish&quot: makes as much sense as &quot:Vegetarians for Veal&quot:.

answer: Its an odd Christian sect that takes Jewish rituals and holy days, insert Christianity and twists both religions into a hybrid that discredits BOTH religions.

Very few were EVER Jewish. Those that were are now considered apostates to Judaism and are not accepted by the Jewish community.

Some are sincere in their desire to go back to what Jesus believed and taught without Christianity’s pagan roots but they don’t realize that they are harming Judaism by labeling themselves Jewish.

Some are intentionally deceptive in their goals to convert all Jews to Christianity and destroy Judaism and the Jewish culture.

Perverting Jewish rituals and holy days with Christianity doesn’t one a Jew.

&quot:Messianic Jews&quot: are a minor sect within the Christian religion. They claim to be Jews but they are clearly not. They fool many good Christians into believing that they are Jews, but they have failed to, and will continue to fail to, convince ANY Jew that they are Jews! The reason should be obvious to most. Jews do not include Jesus Christ or anything associated with him in anything they do, just as Christians do not include (insert the name of a different religion’s god here) or anything associated with thim in anything they do.

it means &quot:Christian, who may or may not have been born Jewish, but is no longer jewish(if they ever were) and cannot accept that they are not Jewish, so they lie, insisting they are Jewish.

the &quot:Messianic Jewish&quot: and &quot:Jews for Jesus&quot: movements are CHRISTIAN organizations, and are not, in any way shape or form, Jewish.

some people like Chris, insist on repeating the LIES that it is possible.

one CANNOT be Jewish, and believe in Jesus, any more than one can be Christian, and believe that Jesus is the Devil.

if one who is Jewish, comes to believe in Jesus, they *cease* to be Jewish.

A Deceptive con

A Messianic Jew is a person of Jewish ethnicity or faith who follows all the tenets of Judaism and agree with the Orthodox that the Bible (OT) is to be read literally wherever the text allows it to. From that reading, they conclude that the Messianic prophecies (those that predict the actions and circumstances of the Messiah) are either already fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus) or will be fulfilled by Him in the olam haba (world to come).

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