Explain both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs claims to Israel and the Palestinian territories.?

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I shall give the general view of the situation based on historical facts in bullets
– Palestinians among other nations lived in today’s Israel/Palestine even before man started to record history. They had their kings and kingdoms and the Jewish Torah recorded the first interrelation between the Hebrews and the Palestinians in Genesis 21:34 when it said
&quot:And Abraham- the father of Hebrews- stayed in the land of the Philistines for a long time.&quot:
Torah kept mentioning Palestine and the Palestinians for almost 100 times
– Hebrews were mentioned in the Babylonian scriptures as nomadic tribes which lived in Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) and they were called Apirus (Hebrews). Same name was given to them by the ancient Egyptians. The origin of those nomadic tribes is not recorded though some researchers claim that they are most likely Kurds ( very close Genetic characteristics).
– After Abraham, Hebrews did not stay for long in Palestine and moved to Egypt (almost 1650 BC) where they lived there for 400 years and then they returned back to Palestine after the collapse of the Egyptian Empire which included Palestine at that time (around 1220 BC)
– With Moses in the picture, now the Hebrews are called Jews and they lived as a minority in the land. Their claim of their Kingdoms are not supported by any solid evidence except their own scripture (no Archeological proofs or writings from other civilizations). Being a minority with no connection to the land made them an easy target for the other nations which captured them, slaved them,disposed them and even exiled them ( The Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Romans)
– Till today, no single archeological discovery was found to prove the Jewish side of the Homeland story ( not even a single temple, a theater, a stadium, a road , a wall, a column ……). It is only in their books but nothing on the ground in the same time you find lots of evidences for the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Assyrian,, Phoenicians civilizations in the same areas claimed to be part of the Jewish Kingdom including the suggested location for the Jewish Temple which they spent the last 60 years examining and digging using very sophisticated equipment to find any trace for the lost temple in vain. All what was found were Roman cellars and columns.
– The Kingdom of David and Solomon lasted only for 70 years after which the Jews lived in scattered communities which they claim as kingdoms
– The claimed Western wall of the temple is seen by many researchers as a Roman structure

Chana and Max are correct.Israel is the Jewish homeland. Jews have always lived there to some extent. The Samaritans and The Jews of Peki’in village have lived in Israel for thousands of years.

Jews claim without any clear evidence that they lived in this land 3000 years ago, so therefor this land belongs to them. From 680 AD to 1948 AD Palestine was under the control of Muslims, and it is said that under the Muslim reign, there was peace and every one could practice his religion freely.
In 1948, the Zionist (who are Jews) got the United Kingdom’s help and occupied Palestinian lands to make their own states. In case you don’t know, Jews control a huge deal of the world’s economy, that’s why they can get the help of the USA till now and that’s why the USA is always helping Israel. During occupying the lands, they made a few massacres and demloshied of course a lot of villages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deir_Yassin…
Then Jews made their own new country. In 1967 they tried to occupy even more land from Jordan, Syria and Egypt. In 1973, Egypt was able to get back the land Israel occupied, but Syria and Jordan failed. So now Israel has Palestinian land, Jordan land and Syrian Land (Golan Heights).
Ironically, Israel claims that Palestinians are the ones who do not want peace.

Right now this is the situation: Palestinians don’t really have an army to get back their lands by force. They just have a few armed groups and some rockets. And every now and then Israel steals more Palestinian lands to build more colonies for Jewish people.

The end.

Israel has been the Jewish homeland for 3,000 years

the Romans conquered it and the Jews were scattered

where the monster Europeans spent 1,500 years persecuting and killing the Jews

Finally Jews had enough and decided it was time to get the land back

Most Jews were happy to stay in Europe, but after WW2 Jews realized that taking Israel back was a necessity

the rest is history

long life to Israel and death to the enemies of Israel

Jews are native to Israel (I will not use the name &quot:Palestine&quot: as that was the name the Romans gave to the land after putting down Jewish revolts). We come from there, our language is from there, our religion is from there, everything! Although after the Babylonian Exile and the Fall of Jerusalem we have been dispersed around the world, we have retained our Israelite/Middle Eastern culture (some influences from the culture of our host countries), identity, and genetics (besides Ethiopian Jews who are Ethiopian African converts and Indian and Kaifeng Jews who have assimilated). Jews have continuously inhabited the land of Israel since Biblical Times!


After the Babylonian Exile and the Fall of Jerusalem the Jewish population in the region began to decline. In the 7th century Arab Muslims invaded the area. These Arabs forced their culture, religion, and language on some of the Jews who intermixed with the Arabs and are now known as &quot:Palestinians.&quot:

Muslims had control over the area for a while. The Crusaders fought for it but only had a few small victories. Then the Turks conquered the land, and even further ethnic cleansed the Jews from the area (so I’ve heard). Then control went from the Ottomans to the British after WWI, and finally, after the holocaust, a lot of Jews returned to their homeland and the State of Israel was founded (which displaced and negatively impacted many Palestinians).

So to sum it up Jews are attached to the land because they were one of the earliest inhabitants and have been there the longest and also want if for religious motives (but most have been away from it for so long). Palestinians want the land because for the past few centuries they have been the majority and have a more modern and recent claim to the Israel/Palestine.

Jews: inheritors and owners of the Land of Israel
‘Palestinians:’ an Arafat-invented group of people who refused and still refuse to accept Israel and be absorbed into countries they fled to in 1948/1967. Those still in Israel need to get their act together and help themselves instead of wallowing in self-pity and whining.

It’s quite a sorry situation, and it’d look a whole lot better if the world stopped portraying Israel as this demon that kills innocent Arabs – which is absolute nonsense. The ‘Palestinian’s’ fellow Arabs need to stop using their own brothers as political pawns against Israel. And the UN needs to stop its pathetic condemnations of Israel too.

@Samp Lies, lies and more lies. 1) Jews have lived in Israel since Biblical times and that is a complete fact. 2) You’re paranoid, idiotic view that Jews somehow control everything shows just how stupid you really are. 3) In 1967, Israel was attacked by the arabs, and having defeated the arabs, it then gained the land. Had the arabs not attacked, the land would have stayed the same. Stop lying. You and everyone else knows that Israel wants peace and arabs want war. That is why arabs declare that they want to destroy Israel and Israel says that it is only interested in self-defence.

This is like the ‘Good Morning’ question of the Israeli section now.

Anyways here is how the story goes:

Some bedouins were sheep herding one day while their cousins, the Jews, were scattered all over the world getting kicked from one country after the other for some reasons, but one day they get a vision telling them their ancestors from over 3000 years ago, somehow, lived where the bedouins, we’ve previously mentioned, are residing. So they make a deal with the Europeans, whom they are so much hated by for some reasons: the Jews get that land we’ve mentioned and in return they get out of Europe which was good news to the Europeans. The bedouins, however, were not happy about it and still aren’t but they’ve got nothing to do in hand other than to try and scare the Jews away with their barely harmful, homemade fireworks. End of story.


@Simple Simon, no likes you. You’re a bad liar, you apparently failed your history class, aswell as your English class, you can’t compare numbers to tell which represents a majority, you’re racist, and you suck. I could keep going on, but you’re not worth it.

Well let me tell ya, Jews have been living there for 3600 years, Arabs have been working for them as farmhands for the last 130 years, those Arabs resided on land of the Jews in mud huts, in 1947 Arab countries attacked Israel, those Israeli Arab employees got scared and ran away, so anyway the Jews won the war, believe it or not they kicked lots of Arab ahss and sent the attacking Armies to hell, so now them Arab employees want to come back, not only that but they say the land is theirs, so this is why Arabs claims to Israel.
If I’m Lying, I’m Dying.


@,Professor Dumb wh0re ME no likes you. You’re a bad liar, you apparently failed your history class, aswell as your English class, you can’t invent history, you’re racist, and you suck. I could keep going on, but you’re not worth it.

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