Why did George Bush capture the British soldiers then frame Iran for doing so?


WOW! I didn’t know Bush was that good. He captured British soldiers and stayed in the U.S. to do so. I just can’t believe he is that good. I’m just amazed.

Wow…Bush is such a powerful guy in people like your eyes…first he causes Hurricane Katrina, now he, all by himself, captured a whole bunch of British soldiers so that he could have permission to invade Iran. I hate to tell you this, but if Bush wanted to go into Iran, he would need no permission to do so. He could drop a nuke on them today and there is nothing that you could do about it. Back in Regan’s presidency, he bombed the palace of an iranian shaw killing his son because Regan felt that he was a threat to the US…that guy never messed with us again. Your precious clinton sent troops to a few different states to &quot:peacekeep&quot: so believe me…he needs no reason.

God only know’s what that man’s done, and what he’s up too right this very minute!! To me, being that he’s gotten us Trillions of dollars in debt, and starting a war with the wrong country, and taking &quot:Billions of tax-payers money, to invest with Cheney a Billion dollar Business&quot: and then move this business into another country for when he’s out of the &quot:White House&quot: I wouldn’t be surprised if he also moves too this same country after he’s done in the white house, just because he’s so &quot:Hated by the American People!!&quot: you know.. And if your British, dont hate all American’s for his mistakes, because you see, their are alot of us, who dispise the man, and who didn’t vote for him!! I’m so sorry for his action’s and for getting our own &quot:Brother Country&quot: to hate America, so badly!!! England has always been behind us, and then Bush comes along and does anything and everything to get his daddy’s love &amp: effection, because his daddy favored Jebb, not George, and is even ashamed of his son’s action’s!! Senior wanted Jebb to be president, not George, so there you have it, it’s all for &quot:Attention!!&quot: And he doesn’t care who he hurts in the &quot:Process!!&quot: There are American Soldier’s begging to come home, from Iraq!! And he just keeps trying to send even more over there, to the point that we dont have much &quot:protection&quot: here in America, for our own country!! He doesn’t even know how to talk, so how are we suppose to understand what goes on in that Man’s &quot:Dah-Heartless mind?!!!&quot: You know? I’m just so sorry for everyone who’s been effected by his mistakes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if America becomes another &quot:Third World Country&quot: after he’s done &quot:Robbing The American People!!&quot: I kid you not!! This is one of our families biggest &quot:Fears&quot: while he’s in the ‘white house’!!! Someone needs to seriously find some dirt on the guy, so he can be &quot:Impeached!!&quot: Him and Cheney!! Do you agree? I sure do!! The man is &quot:Heartless!!&quot: And I even wonder if he even has a &quot:Soul&quot: or if he’s the &quot:AntiChrist?&quot: Seriously!!! Things are not getting any better here in America, just &quot:Worse and worse, every year he’s in the &quot:White House&quot: you know…. And its almost as if, he never went in there with any good intention’s for the American People, but to try to &quot:Outdo&quot: his brother and his father, out of &quot:Anger!!&quot: Inspite of hurting the American people, this is &quot:personal&quot: for him!! And I think he’s just playing some really dangerous games on his brother and his father, at the &quot:American People’s expense!!&quot: No kidding at all here!! You made a very Good Point, and I wish they could publish your question righ onto the New York Times, and the paper got right on the White House porch!! Wouldn’t that be nice!! Smile!!! Hey we can dream, cant we?!!!

That is an original thought. I hope it is impossible or crazy as it sounds. Otherwise, Iraq will be in comparison the cakewalk we were promised 5 years ago.

Osama, how did you get the internet in your cave? Do you have your camel running on a big hampster wheel to generate power?

I hope this is a joke.

But I imagine you are the same person that thinks Bush was behind 9/11

So much for liberals being educated

Have the terrorists tainted the U.S. marijuana crops?

Takes conspiracy theory to a whole new level. Shouldn’t you blame the NWO or something?

what are you talking about? that’s probably the worst Piece of junk I’ve ever heard

Because his master Satan (AKA Dick) told him to.

i wouldn’t put it past our government.

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