Is our Congress trying to ram the Carbon Cap and trade bill through?

President Obama and Rep.
Henry Waxman are pushing for a key vote on the Carbon
Tax BEFORE Memorial Day — a tax that studies show
will cost each family $3,100 each and every year.

Last week, Obama met behind closed doors with House
Democrats to pressure them to pass the Carbon Tax.
Now, Waxman is even contemplating skipping the
Subcommittee hearing on the $2 trillion Carbon Cap
and Trade Tax and fast-tracking this new tax straight
to his Energy and Commerce Committee.

Waxman wants this all done by the end of next week…
and Team Obama is turning up the heat on key Democrats
in the House to pressure quick passage of the Carbon Tax.

Why Obama and Waxman Are Fast-Tracking The CO2 Tax

There’s a reason Obama and Waxman are pulling out the
stops to pressure Democrats to pass this tax through
the Committee…

Obama, Waxman, Pelosi and the gang fear that any delays
could kill their precious plan to save the planet and give
the government the power to tax and control the air!

That’s because even some Democrats are now getting nervous
about imposing such a large tax at a time when the economy
is struggling. Reports indicate this new tax could cost the
average American over $3,000 every year and result in 7
million lost jobs!

And the American people overwhelmingly do NOT want the
Carbon Tax (by a 2-to-1 margin according to Pew Research).

DO we Americans really need this expense now, when our government can’t produce the two million jobs they promised when they sold us on the stimulus bill?

like rom emanuel says…&quot:never let a crisis go to waste&quot:, and they’re milking this one for all it’s worth.

This bill is the crown jewel in the Fascist dream.
There is nothing you have ever done and nothing you will ever do that is without a &quot:carbon consequence.&quot:
This sets in place a regulatory mechanism to make absolutely every behavior you might ever contemplate either required or forbidden.
As you say, it is also a 100% guaranteed job-killer – indeed a severe blow to the economy overall. Since even Obama has said he KNOWS that, it is simply not a debatable point.
The central immediate effect it would have is to relocate production AWAY from the cleanest and most efficient producers (the West) and expand by orders of magnitude the production demand for the filthiest and least efficient (and communist) countries. That’s actually what the bill is intended to do. It’s authors said so.

I doubt it. The invoice if taken heavily and carried out carefully could have huge economic effects. It has no techniques in it that are below 25 years previous. the hardship-loose marketplace thought it enbodies replaced into enjoyed by skill of AEI and CATO and the Ludwig Von Mises crowd, and by skill of the Moron President George W Bush, so it includes us from very doubtful parentage certainly. something perhaps Hoover could have written. Then the Parliament of Wh*r*s desperate to make it the Coal continually Appreciation invoice, so approximately 0.5 of the invoice is a plan to mine and burn each and every particle of coal interior the country. those movements would not help climate substitute for the extra helpful. Coal makes countless CO2. there is not any sparkling coal. there is not any CO2 sequestration — it relatively is all vaporware — Fiction technology. So the invoice is enable’s only say conspicuously sub-optimized. Senators could make heros of themselves by skill of killing the invoice. they could posture now and placed that interior the economic corporation for the autumn and their next electoral run. no one is gazing now — you gotta get it on tape and use it later. they can provide speeches to an empty room (as customary), and fake they’re John Paul Jones saving the Republic, troublesome the empty chairs to respond to them back, understanding that the cameraman has strict training to no longer pan around the room. what’s going to take place is a Hydrogen technologies invoice will emerge sometime around Jan/Feb/Mar 2010, and it will leapfrog this previous relic, that truly could desire to bypass to the Smithsonian, with the different nineteenth century coal burning kit and locomotives. call it the strategies droppings of Dubya, uncommon certainly, perhaps it may desire to have its very own glass case. climate substitute merits and gets a extreme invoice that addresses the priority substantively, and would not only attempt to sell extra same/previous same/previous. we don’t choose for extra workouts in hypocrisy, double-communicate, and ok-highway-offered-and-paid-for-legislat… you won’t be in a position to bribe your thank you to a cooler worldwide. Canute could have taught us that, suitable?

Al Gore stands to make millions because of his investments into Green companies. Other great politician looking out for his own best interest.

I hope so!

Yes, tax the air plan is coming

Obama is the new fraud, Waxman always has been.

They most certainly are! All in the name of the &quot:children&quot:. ,,BS

We need to stop these YOYOs, BOZOs and BIMBOs.

It’s called &quot:CRAMDOWN&quot:

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