Have you had squirrels get into the engine area of your car or truck and chew wires?

Opening the hood of the pickup to check oil before going camping, we saw the squirrels had been chewing on the wires. Why would they do this? We live next to a filbert/hazelnut orchard so there are lots of squirrels.

Check your tail pipe.
They like to store nuts in there.
It’s very costly to have a mechanic find this problem, as the car runs for a while before being starved of oxygen and dieing.


Edit: That’s how we found out about the plugged tail pipes.
Pulling a camper: 3 times we made it 40 miles from home, before being towed back to the garage.

Not yet, but we had a flying squirrel get in the house once. I woke to hear scratching noises in the closet, jumped out of bed without my glasses and opened the door, something with claws jumped on my shoulder and was making this horrible racket, oops that was me, anyway it scared the crap out of me. Brushed it off my shoulder and grabbed a tennis racket and whacked it until it stopped moving. Kids took it to school for science. It was the talk of the school.

I have lots of squirrels here too, but haven’t found them chewing on anything. I also have chipmunks, now they are bad for chewing things up, and they can get in just about any small hole, there is a small gap at the bottom of my garage door and they get in and chew on anything to make their nests out of. They have cost me plenty.

I think they must be trying to sharpen their teeth. They have chewed on the base of our columns on the front of the house that are made of metal. That is the only thing I can think of. We have a lot of gray squirrels on our block because the many oak trees.

Squirrels are notorious for chewing wiring in homes, cars, etc. They can cause a lot of damage money wise by doing so. Send them the repair bill &amp: they’ll go &quot:nuts.&quot: LOL

No but a friend of mine lives in downtown loft and they have an underground garage. The rats chewed the wires on their cars.

We live in the country, have peanut fields and pecan trees but the dang squirrels just won’t leave us alone. The found a way into our shed and just about destroyed everything in it. We have trained our dog to hate and chase them but it does no good. Last hunting season my husband and his friend sat out back and killed 12 of them but I noticed they are back. They are worse than any varmint I know of.

Hello all–

squirrels are a pain sometimes for all their cuteness

had squirrels in the attic —- terrible time trying to get them out
last resort called pest control — friend of ours owned the company
we asked him not to kill the squirrels —
after laughing a bit the pest control friend told us to get two boxes of
moth balls and throw them around in the attic—
within a week they were gone—
freshened the moth balls up each fall after the hot weather

try putting some in a can sitting them under the hood
then you can remove them as you wish…..

hope it works for you….

There was a squirrel in the fireplace and we had it removed. It costs us $35. Now all they do is empty the bird feeder. My son shot 2, one year and we ate them. I call them bushy tail tree rats.

Not squirrels. Birds, yes. Even had a cat crawl up there to stay warm. Nasty surprise, that.

Wow havent heard of squirells doing that before. You must have alot of them. My family used to have several cats that would do that but not sure why squirrels would.

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