Your opinion on doomsday preppers?

Just wondering

It’s one thing to prepare for a minor catastrophe. Having a solid storm cellar or safety room if you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes or hurricanes makes sense. Having some extra potable water, food, medical supplies, etc. in case of a power outage, earthquake or other event makes sense. That’s just common sense. I’d even go as far to say learning basic camping and survival skills makes a lot of sense. This is the stuff they mostly teach in the boy scouts and girl scouts, like how to tie basic types of knots, how to build a fire, how to fish or hunt, how to use a knife and yes, even how to use a gun.

But doomsday preppers have taken this to levels that I would consider mental illness. I feel sorry for them, their families and especially the children.

What do these people think is going to happen when they come out of their bunkers? That society will somehow be magically restored as if nothing had happened? For some of the disasters these folks are afraid of, all their bunker will do is prolong their family’s death. Now instead of being vaporized or instantly killed along with 99% of humanity, they’ll get to live in a bunker underground until their food and water run out, THEN die from starvation or dehydration – assuming they don’t lose their minds first and commit suicide.

And some of the preppers apparently never took basic science class. One guy is afraid of solar flares causing an EMP that would take out the world’s power grids, so he wants a bunker with &quot:hardened solar panels&quot:. Another has taught his kid to pick out seeds from vegetables – COOKED vegetables, meaning those seeds…are…worthless. Even if they weren’t in a post apocalyptic world after an asteroid strike, plants aren’t going to grow so well without sunlight…

Finally, these preppers have been constantly telling their kids that the end of the world is coming, and everyone they know at school is going to die, or worse, come after them to try and steal their food, water, and kill them. WTF!?! So what happens on December 22 2012 when the sun comes up and these kids realize their entire life has been nothing but a delusional story by Dad? Yeah, dad, you taught me to use this gun…well, I’m gonna use it alright…

I’m a prepper but not an insane one. I agree the folks on that show are nuts and are giving the practical, planning-minded, normal preppers a bad name. But at the same time, if they didn’t act like nuts, would they be on the show? What reality show DOESN&quot:T have people behaving badly and shockingly? If they didn’t, no one would watch. Seeing me put 3 more cans on a shelf in my garage after I go grocery shopping isn’t exactly exciting to watch.

My concern is more with weather disasters which can happen to anyone at any time. And over the past 20 years they seem to have been getting much worse and more extreme. It’s not like those situations stay disasterous for weeks and months but we’ve all seen the aftermath of Katrina where folks were left to die basically b/c no one was prepared for a disaster THAT catastrophic. In extreme situations, people naturally have extreme behavior — survival behavior. Think of a parent needing fresh water for their child. People can only go a few days without water or they DIE. Don’t you think a parent would probably get as aggressive as necessary if they needed to save their kid? This is part of what some preppers are anticipating. It’s not a knock on anyone. It’s just natural human instinct to survive. And in an extreme situation, you better believe people are going to be behaving a WHOLE lot different than they do in normal life.
-Pepper M, Website Owner, familysurvivalstrategies.org

During the Cold War when everyone believed nuclear war was a certainty and the only question was when it’d start, doomsday preppers would’ve had a legitimate excuse for their actions.

But nowadays? Based on hoax nonsense like that 2012 = End of the World crap?
Those prepper people ought to be chased down by hospital orderlies wielding nets and straightjackets and dragged off to the nearest psycho ward to get their heads checked.
Because those people are nuts.

Some of them are really out there and go overboard with trying to prepare for &quot:a worst case scenario&quot:. I have nothing against preparing for a calamity, but their is really only so much you could do.

Please look up the NDRP executive order signed by Obama in mid march. Under NDRP, the president can declare martial law at anytime he sees fit and if he does pretty much everything and anything is fair game for government confiscation: property, farmland (crops and machinery), all supplies, food, etc. This can all be done &quot:for the greater good&quot:.

So, these doomsday preppers are in for a rude awakening if they are found with all those supplies. It will be taking away from them. It seems our Government doesn’t want us to be self-reliant, but depended on them. How sad!

I had high hopes for the show. I figure I might learn something like with Survivorman but it’s hard to take the show seriously because of some of the preppers who were clearly not all there. I’m no expert but informing everyone of what you have and where you are located seems like a bad move.

They should be located on Google Maps, so we can raid their food, if their doomsday occurs.

i will in simple terms see them working to their bunker just to discover somebody else has taken up place of abode and could no longer enable them to in. was a shaggy dog tale in the time of the chilly conflict a pair of family contributors having a prepare evacuation drill and all the pals are already there. lol till you reside in it, how do you get to it in time? &gt:???&lt:

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