My puppy just wont stop biting! Please help!?

I have a husky puppy and he just wont stop biting. At first he was biting me a lot but never that hard and now he starts biting me that i start bleeding. I tried method where i say OUCH and go away but it looks like he finds that amusing and only chases me to bite me even harder. I also tried putting toys in his mouth when he starts biting me but it doesn’t work either. I am worried that he is showing sighs of aggression but he is never aggressive except biting me. I can take his food i can do everything and he wont react at all but when he starts biting me i really freak out. Please give me your opinion!

For young puppies, nipping, biting and &quot:mouthing&quot: are normal behaviors and rarely cause serious harm. But it’s important to stop these behaviors before your dog reaches adulthood, when a bite could inflict serious injury.

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Teach your puppy that biting hurts you. When he bites, give a sharp &quot:no!&quot: or &quot:ouch!&quot: – or even a yelp like a dog would make. This is the same reaction that your puppy would get from another puppy if he bit too hard during play. It teaches him that he’s been too rough, and the odds are that he’ll be more gentle next time.
Remove your hand slowly – don’t jerk it away – and give your puppy a toy that he can chew on without damage.
If your puppy ignores your reaction and bites again, repeat your &quot:no!,&quot: &quot:ouch!&quot: or yelp, and leave the room for a few minutes. Let your puppy know that when he bites, he will lose his playmate. This, too, mirrors the reaction he would get from another puppy if he played too roughly.
Be persistent in your training. As your puppy’s behavior improves and his bites are softer, continue to yelp or give a sharp &quot:no!&quot: or &quot:ouch!&quot: whenever he puts his teeth on you. Make it clear that all bites are painful and unacceptable to humans.

Some tips and warnings:
*Make sure your puppy always has plenty of chew toys to exercise his mouthing and chewing instincts.

*Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise and play time every day. Going for walks, playing fetch and learning tricks are great distractions that may reduce biting.

*Try to create a consistent schedule for play time – perhaps 15 to 30 minutes, twice a day. Your puppy will learn to look forward to that time and will be less likely to seek attention at other times.

*Remind all family members, including children, to be consistent about the &quot:no biting&quot: rule.
If your training doesn’t seem to be working or if your puppy becomes aggressive instead of backing off when you indicate that he’s hurt you, see a veterinarian or professional trainer for help.

*Rough games like tug-of-war and wrestling may encourage aggressive behavior, including biting.

*If you have young children, don’t leave your puppy alone with them until he has learned not to bite.

And finally, do NOT EVER strike them with your hand or anything else. Your puppy is like a curious child, and like a child growing up is a learning process. You wouldn’t strike your child for learning to talk would you? Dogs need to be taught, the same as children.
Good luck with your puppy training. Remember patience is key.

At 7 weeks, coaching may be very elaborate and gradual. It is well to exhibit her what habits is appropriate/unacceptable, however it is going to be a at the same time earlier than she alternatives up on that. One factor that can turn out very powerful at this factor is drama. When she bites, act like she has critically harm you. Yelp, whimper, and switch clear of her. This will support her to first no longer chunk as difficult after which not to chunk in any respect. But it could be well to take into account that at this degree, she isn’t being agressive. Dog’s engage with the arena via their mouths, similar to persons engage with the arena via our arms. You nonetheless have to cut back the habits, however knowledge it would support provide you persistence.

Just stay calm. My dog did this so bad I regretted buying him! I found that shutting him away for short periods so that he learned that it got him nowhere was effective.

If that doesn’t work I know of a friend who used a water gun but that is kind of an extreme method.

He isn’t playing, huskies don’t play aggressively like that. Don’t worry though. He isn’t really aggressive. He’s just being a hyper puppy. He will grow out of this with proper training though. I think you should look for a QUALIFIED local class to take him to. I have a working Cocker who improved greatly when I took him to good classes. Lots of exercise makes for a calm dog too. The food they eat also makes a difference to their behavior. Ask your vet for a good food to feed him.

Making noise – stimulating the dogs already high prey drive – useless way to stop biting.

Giving him toys is a nice way to reward him for biting you…

When it bites, correct it. Scruff it and pinch its lip or ear while looking at it and telling it NO.

Does he chew your hand like lick and bite? If yes it means im very pleased to be with you am so happy! Dont grab it by the collar like someone else said because then they will start biting the collar by thinking its a bad thing and it will pull dogs do bite but dont scream or squek or the. They will think its the best squeking toy

I know, people always say to squeak and act like a dog. As you can see, it’s usually pointless because they seem to find it funny

Physically stop the dog. Grab it by the scruff or collar and actually stop it from doing that. You have a Husky. I wish you luck if you’re only going to try the gently, gently . And don’t worry, it’s not a maltipoo, you’re not going to upset it….

Yes, YOU CAN grab it by the collar…..

You need to read more about how to train your dog. Owners should NEVER allow their dogs to bite them. Soon your dog will do other things to overpower you, thinking it’s ok..

Get a newspaper,roll it up and when he bites,sayNO!!! And hit him on his nose or the back of his neck

He’s either playing or teething.
Just firmly tell him NO when he does

he just want to play .

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