Is American support for Israel the main reason for Islamic terrorism against America?

After all, none of this was happening before 1948.

It’s a huge part no doubt.but it’s not the only reason.
You see Al Qaeda isn’t working for Palestine, in fact Palestine is the last thing on their mind.However, the people that Al Qaeda uses to do the attacks or do suicide bombings must have great anger inside them,that anger comes from many factors including America’s support for &quot:Israel&quot:.

Islamic nations have been terrorizing America since the 1700’s. The Marine hymn &quot:..To the shores of Tripoli&quot: refers to America’s first foreign war. It was waged to prevent Islamic pirates from seizing American ships and enslaving her sailors. Iran kidnapped our envoy in Tehran at a time when we did not have a pro-Israeli government face.

Returning the Jewish people to Israel is just another excuse for Islamic violence against non-believers.

Al Qaida etc use &quot:Palestine&quot: as an excuse for terror. Iraq &amp: Afghanistan have also become a pretext.The reality is that you are dealing with Jihadist organisations engaged in a global conflict who are against Western values and are also engaged in a war against India over Kashmir and many other places in the World. But it is true that they have targetted America using Israel as a pretext.

no no the support even b4 1948 as well…

The Christian belief in the return of the Jews to the Holy Land has deep roots, which pre-date both the establishment of Zionism and the establishment of Israel. Support for Zionism among American Jews was minimal however, until the involvement of Louis Brandeis in the Federation of American Zionists, starting in 1912 and the establishment of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs in 1914: it was empowered by the Zionist Organization ‘to deal with all Zionist matters, until better times come..The British Balfour Declaration of 1917 both advanced the Zionist movement of the time and gave it official legitimacy..
The US Congress however passed the Lodge-Fish resolution,[6] the first joint resolution stating its support for &quot:the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people&quot: on September 21, 1922..

on 29 November 1947 and with US support, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181, the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine, which was to create Jewish and Arab states and take effect upon British withdrawal. The decision was heavily lobbied by Zionist supporters, which Truman himself later noted,and rejected by the Arabs.

So your conclusion that &quot:American support for Israel the main reason for Islamic terrorism against America&quot: is only one of reason not only one reason…many other reasons behind it n it had long history..for that Y!A page is not much length..so better understand why USA support Israel true military level,economic level and other ways, you need to look at the last 80 years History..!!

Islamic terrorism did happen much earlier than 1948 when the modern state of Israel was formed.
It also happened much earlier than 1776 when the modern state of America was formed.

Islam predated those modern states of America and Israel. And Judaism and Christianity predated Islam.

The answer regarding question of &quot:when did Islamic terrorism arise?&quot: lies in the absence of Pagan, Jewish and Christian communities that used to be in the Islamic lands. When the first Pagan, Jew or Christian was murdered is when you will find the answer to your question.

Mecca has Kaaba and it was converted from Pagan to Islamic. My guess first modern country to be terrorized by Islam would be Saudi Arabia.

What started in Mecca and Medina, grew to 22 Middle East Islamic countries and now 60+ Islamic countries globally. They would love to get at America and Israel, from within, or any other way that they can. To divide and conquer is not a new strategy.

There are many many different reasons why Islamic terrorists hate America. But the number one reason is our support for Israel.

Islam has a Millennium old grudge against jews which is rooted in history. The islamic states of Jordan Syria, Palestine, Oman etc do not recognize the right of the jewish state of Israel to exist. They want obliterate it and America will not let it happen.

Another reason is American troop presence in Saudi Arabia and middle east. Middle east is the single largest source of Oil in this world. To protect our and even the world’s oil interest and to protect the nation states that rule these lands, we have entered into an alliance with them to station our troops there to protect them from domestic or foreign enemies. Certain segments of ultra conservative muslims cannot tolerate the presence of foreign troops in what they consider the holiest of holy muslim lands (Saudi arabia houses their biggest holy shrine – Mecca). So they have taken upon themselves to oust us from middle east by any means possible. Since they cannot match us in conventional warfare they resort to terrorism.

A third reason is grounded in the fact that Islam – itself a very conservation religion has certain interpretations which makes it an extremely strict religion. The strictest form of Islam (Wahabbism – practiced in Saudi Arabia) which draws the most number of mentally sick and crazy people, prescribes total dominance over women and total ban over anything joyous. For example, the taliban in afganistan have banned music, dancing and even kite flying (which used to be the national sport of Afganistan before they took over) because the Taliban say all those frivolous activities distract you from following god’s teachings and are anti-islamic. This kind of thinking and belief system perpetuates a horrific and never ending cycle of human right abuse especially women abuse in islamic societies which America objects to most strenuously and often with military or economic force earning us their ire.

and finally, most islamic states are run by greedy corrupt politicians who exploit their own people to further their own wealth. These corrupt rulers brain wash their citizens into believing that their poor plight is due to America and the west. Being mostly uneducated their citizens easily fall for this bullshit propaganda and start hating us for their deprivation even though it is their own rulers that are looting them.

American support Israel.. and others

Islamic Terrosim..Is due to thier own goals not American goals or doctrine. of management of America

Don’t Blame America and thier Policies on how to run their County for Islams Terrorism Against

Islam should tend to their own Country politics and Not America

America is a Free Nation and does not have to Ask Islam how to rune America

Probably. But there are Islamic terrorist attacks in many countries that don’t have any ties to Israel. I wonder why they attack those places?

Lincoln6: There were LOTS of terrorist attacks inside Israel killing thousands of citizens! There have been way more attacks against Israel than the US. That is before Israel put up security fences that everyone is so mad about.
Check out the link below. It shows a HUGE list of terrorist attacks against israel.


Many things happened in 1948 and 1949, and 1950…and there was no Islamic terrorism then…
Unless you want to count the Moslem Pirates who kept attacking US ships during the founding of our country (see &quot:barbary pirates), Islamic terrorism against the USA is relatively new.

They have hated us all right. But, it has/had little to do with Israel.

We developed and took their oil when they didn’t have the technology to do it: and when they complained about how little we paid for it, we toppled several of their governments to replace them with more pro-US oil interest govts.

Even al keida was our ally for decades while we supported Israel.

The tipping point for them was when Iraq invaded Kuwait and we stationed troops in Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca. al keida said that was an insult (and also interfered with their plans to overthrow the govt of Saudi Arabia) and that we either withdraw or face war. And we’ve been fighting ever since.

Thanks to bush jr, they hate us because of what we have done since then fighting and crushing Arab states.

I am not knowledgeable to answer but I can figure out some possible reasons. When you say &quot:terrorism&quot:, what acts are you specifically talking about?

Occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel
American military aid to Israel
Reaction to American western culture in religious Muslim communities
American-led military incursions into the Middle East
American miltary bases all over the Gulf
U.S. business dealings with Arab leaders
Christian missionaries in the Middle East

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