If a military draft started today would there be mass demonstrations against the Iraq war?

If every 19 to 28 year old had to go into the military would we see hundreds of thousands of people against the war? (In the streets like during Vietnam)

Yes, definitely! The rich would leave in a mass emigration and those that were stuck here would take to the streets. War is OK as long as someone else is dying.

Contrary to Lilly (no disrespect) the libs/ and media there is NO mass protest. When Cindy Sheehan was out there protesting very few people showed up except for media types. That’s why the cameras never did a wide shot, there were just a handful of protesters, and that’s why she quit, and those were her words. Conversly when SUPPORTERS of the troops went out by the thousands there was little or NO coverage,except by EVIL FOX NEWS. This war is &quot:unpopular&quot: with the media, and hollywood ONLY. The demoncrats who are &quot:against&quot: it now, voted for it, but convieniently forgot they voted for it. Think back to the Kerry Campaign, where he Voted for the 19 billion after he Voted against it. Americans want to win this war, but that’s not a poll question. The poll question is: Do you like the way the war is being fought. If the answer is NO, that is billed as an anti war sentiment. I was asked this very question in a mall. I clarified that I think the way the war is being fought is WRONG, we need to cut the politics out of it and let the military win it. Guess how my answer was received? That’s right, as AGAINST THE WAR. I’m for killing our enemies and winning the war, but that’s not possible when you can’t &quot:bomb during Rahmadan&quot:, or &quot:you can’t bomb a mosque&quot:…WHY THE *** NOT? The muslims bomb mosques all the time, and CNN,CBS,BBC and NBC don’t seem to care, but it a COALITION force bombs one, these same &quot:objective media&quot: start crying ..WAR CRIMES! Basically in this country you have Conservatives and the Media. The media is the right arm of the Demoncrats. They do the polling and help form the &quot:opinions of the American people&quot: with their sound bites and jaded polls. Hey there were no WMD’s in Iraq..Bush lied, right? Well up until we invaded, EVERYONE knew there were WMD’s. Sadaam used them. When you give a guy 6 months to shuttle them over to Syria, guess what, you won’t find them in Iraq. Look in Syria and you’ll find them in two days. By the way, the military says we don’t need a draft. They weren’t saying that in the Viet Nam war. That was a war being fought by a Demon crat president with Demon crat house and senate, that’s why we lost that one.

IF: The largest small word in the English language. What if? Leave it to the think tanks. There is no draft, there will be no draft. Not unless something really massive happens. Something to make 9-11 look like a simple drive-by.

Of course: and every person protesting against it would be doing so because they don’t feel they should have to contribute or earn their rights by giving some of their time to protect their country and themselves. They’re of the selfish mindset that it’s someone ELSE’s problem: let someone ELSE protect them, let someone ELSE fight to keep them safe while they leech off the government and drink themselves into oblivion and have kids they can’t support. It’s always someone ELSE’s fault, and someone ELSE’s responsibility to clean up the mistakes of people too immature to accept their own responsibility.

A very sensible argument you make. How are you able to breathe with your head buried so far in the sand??

I’m 44 and have asthma. If Bush wants me I’ll be proud to go even if it kills me, and I’m sure some liberals would like to see me go out like that. Now go tell all your liberal friends you heard Bush was going to start a draft and get a protest going so you can really know the answer.

yes, you would see mass demonstrations, from all sides including people who currently support the war but have draft age kids who dont serve.

It would be an excellent political move by the Canandian Ministry of Tourism.

Yes and the republicans would be turning Democrat by the drooves.

I doubt it, really. The government takes a third of our pay before we see it, and we take that lying down. I don’t see why a draft would get many people upset.


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