FOR GUYS: do you actually fall in love with girls?

For some reason I believe that guys don’t actually fall in love with girls. My best guy friend just told me that he’s in love me but I seriously don’t understand at all.. I guess it’s cause I’ve never been in love but I don’t understand how anyone could ever love me. So, I was just wondering.. guys.. do you really fall in love with girls that you hook up with? Because I tend to see girls getting ****** over by boys so I just don’t trust them.

There probably are guys out there who begin a relationship, but don’t truly fall in love with a woman. They are just in it for the sex, but for me and many other guys that is not true. We know what love is, and can fall in love. Especially for me, when I am in a relationship, I am not looking for sex. I am looking for someone that I can fall in love with, a woman who can understand me. Maybe this sounds gay, I don’t know. But men know how to love.

You are probably smart too. Most guys are bad news. But i am very much in love with the girl I have right now. I feel for her like i have never felt for no other. She’s the only girl i have told that i love her more than anything. We have known eachother for 6 years or so but I just recently hooked up with her. I’ve always felt this abnormal attraction to her, even when I was little. I know that is hard to believe but it’s true. We went through so much together and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course a guy can fall in love. Are they guys who will screw over girls after they get what they want? Yeah. But guys can fall in love. I am in love with the most amazing girl in the world. I would die for her, and I live for her. The only proof I can tell you is, listen to all these love songs in the world. Most are written by guys. We have feelings, some guys don’t show them. And other guys are manipulative assholes.

even though it’s an incredibly sexist question I am going to answer it honestly.

Yes guys do fall in love with girls for real. Probably a lot more than any girl will realise. Most people tend to see guys as being macho or insensitive or whatever but underneath probably all of them have an incredibly soft spot for the one they would like to spend the rest of their lives with.

Yes guys fall in love cause im in a relationship now that we understand and work thing’s out and that’s love when a girl can understand you and you can understand her so yea we fall in love and love can mean many different things

Well, really shy, sure guys can fall in love with you, and many will find a shy girl more attractive. It can seem more feminine somehow, and brings out his protective instincts. A guy wants to protect a softer, feminine woman. BUT NEVER talks? Well, I am sure you are exaggerating, but it would be hard to have a relationship with a girl who N E V E R talks at all. That guy was probably looking to start a conversation. Both guys and girls make that mistake (HIS mistake). We ask about something to start a conversation but it SOUNDS like criticism. He was just hoping to draw you out somehow. He noticed something about you, and he was interested, and so he commented on something PERSONAL about you that he noticed. He was hoping to talk to you and get to know you better. You should think about a good answer to this &quot:How come you never talk?&quot: (if you are obviously shy, some guy will probably ask it again in the future). For example, say &quot:Because I like to listen. Tell me about yourself. It’s more fun to be entertained.&quot: Or maybe &quot:I’m keeping a secret.. Can you guess what it is?&quot: Your situation is made worse by the fact that the guys you are with don’t know how to engage in a conversation either. If nobody says anything, that is perhaps 55% the guy’s fault. The guy really should have the confidence and masculinity to take charge and start a conversation. SO it does not help you that they aren’t talking either. Is there something wring with you? Well, SOMETHING YOU CAN FIX…. easily (but over a long time). Pick the easiest situations you can to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. For both guys and girls, the biggest reason we &quot:don’t know what to say&quot: is you DO know what to say, but your mind is distracted by NOT KNOWING how guys react, what is he thinking, am I saying the right thing, the wrong thing, the right way? The biggest problem is NOT not knowing what to say. It is not knowing enough about guys. Take every opportunity to learn about how guys talk, how they think, etc. Even if you have to eavesdrop or join a group and just listen and study how guys and girls talk.. so you can learn how guys think, how they talk. You are being held back because down deep you KNOW you don’t know enough. It is a perfectly logical and rational reaction to the unknown. SO PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Find any situation where you can hang out with guys you DON’T care about, so that you will be ready for the guys you DO care about. A hint I teach guys in my book for guys: Develop a sense of humor. Is this possible? OH YES! Simply watch every comedy you can get your hands on (of a type that you like personally and approve of to fit your personality) . Simply being exposed to humor A LOT wil change your thinking, and you will find jokes popping out of your mouth that surprise even you in various situations. But you have to go SWIMMING in LOTS of comedy for it to sink in. It takes time!

OK what the hell kind of question is this?? There is a guy for every girl so of course someone can fall in love with you! You know, guys have feelings and not all guys are complete *** holes! Well actually yeah they are but thats not the point. The point is, DUH they can fall in love!

i agree with m_tasseder (forget how to spell it) guys can fall in love its just that some guys act all strong but inside they have a soft spot that all guys have like even just a smidge guys cant not have soft spots unless they are totally evil 🙂 i let people see my soft spot all the time so ya

ive had a gf for 10 months now and i think i love her. She gets on my tit but yeah i do love her, We do fall in love. But we have to have the right girl

yea i believe guys can fall in love

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