Are women better at self control than men since we can go w/o sex for longer than men?

I mean, men need sex more than women and thus, are more likely to cheat. However, women can go w/o it longer, and thus, are women better at self control and suppressing their desires than men?

If men didn’t have self control, rape would sky rocket. Let’s be honest, if men really wanted sex that badly, we wouldn’t wait to have sex, we’d just take it from women. But since we have a great amount of self control, we don’t. Now, what about women and their emotional outbursts? *Troll answer for troll*

This statement isn’t true for every man or woman. It all really depends on the person, their relationship and their morals.
Frankly I’m a woman but I get a little antsy if I hadn’t had sex for say a week whereas my partner, who is male, can go a whole month without even thinking about it.
Though the reason most people cheat isn’t just because they are horny and have no self control, it correlates to their relationship. Maybe they don’t get enough attention from their mate, they don’t get along as well etc.

darling, that’s what hookers are for lol. it’s been around since Man has existed. You women think your vaginas are so special but any self-aware, self-respecting man will understand that your vaginas are anything but special. If it can be bought then it has the same value as a Burger King value meal–dirt cheap and easily attainable.

So yeah, I don’t know what drugs you smoked but get your head out of your @ss.

Sex drives are not as high for women as they are men.

Why don’t we have a contest where everyone tries to abstain from Chocolate and see how it goes for the women?

We meen don’t need sex, the ones that do are just naive and annoying

What ever gets your clit hard buddy

@John, well thank you.

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