What basketball team do you support and why?

Ok being from London Basketball isn’t a huge sport here, But i’ve now decided to take an interest. I don’t support a team just yet.

So I want to see what team you support and why?

So lets here em 😀

The Miami Heat are my favorite team. I big part of having a favorite team could be that your favorite player is on that team. My favorite player is Dwyane Wade, and I’ve always been a Heat fan. This doesn’t happen in all cases though. I’ve just watch Miami play and I like their style, plays, location, players and the fact that a tram like that could come from a season with just 15 wins, to a season where they almost got to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

If you are looking to choose a favorite team to support, I think that you should watch the NBA a lot to have a look at how some of the teams play. Then you can decide who you want to support.

Minnesota Timberwolves. While I am the first to admit, they have been pretty dreadful through most of their 20 seasons, I follow them because I am a Minnesota native, they have assembled a good young nucleus of Al Jefferson and Kevin Love, and I always believe in sticking with your team no matter what – so here I am, still a Timberwolves fan after all these years.

My favorite team in the whole world is the Miami Heat. When they made that comeback in &quot:2006 Final&quot: i was so happy. At the same time Dwayne Wade became Final MVP.

The Phoenix Suns….otherwise known as The People’s Champs. 1. I’m from Arizona. 2. My first basketball game was when I got to go see Sir Charles Barkley (the most entertaining basketball player of all time), KJ, Dan Majerle, etc., etc., school John Stockton and Karl Malone when the Utah Jazz came to town.

We are THE most enthusiastic, fun team to watch in all of the NBA….and we take fans from all over!

utah jazz. simply because they have a great system overall. even if its with managing players or making a winning formula out of nothing. they are very fun to watch and you’ll learn alot even by just watching them play. they might not be the greatest team there is but i just love them

I like the Cleveland Cavaliers. The reason is when I started watching basketball, 2-3 years ago, I liked how LeBron James played and I wnated them to win.

All these people in here support the Lakers because they won the championship last year and that’s it. Choose the Cleveland Cavaliers because they have THE GREATEST ALL AROUND PLAYER AND NOT A BALL HOG in LeBron James. Does Kobe do tours around the world? UHHHHH nope. All he does is cheat on his wife.

I support the Los Angeles Lakers because I loved watching Magic Johnson play when I was growing up and he and James Worthy were two of my favorites. Ever since the late 1980s that has been my team.

I support the Lakers since they got me into basketball. They have the richest history in basketball (Celtic fans might not like that lol), and they have the most exciting player in the NBA, Kobe Bryant, and the most fun to watch offense in the NBA in the Triangle.

I also support the Knicks since they are my hometown team.

The Cavs. I support them because they’re my hometown team. 🙂 And because I like ’em!

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