thinking about buying a 2002 Mercedez-Benz CLK 320 . Is it a good idea?? ?

I want to buy a Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 2002 because.
I like the car a lot, but I don’t want to buy a problem andI know MBZ is expensive tro repair
I owe a Honda Accord 2002 and has never been broken. should I get the MBZ? is it a good relaiable car? If I get the MBZ. am I gonna be expending money all the time in repairs?

the 320 has decent power, runs decent fuel economy, and has a good standard feature pack, probably the most value for money in the segment. I would recommend, if you go two years later to a newer model you be getting the updated 350 motor, which is much more refined has lower end torque.
What i’ve found is that because of the more powerful motor in the 04 model, that they have been pushed a lot less.

Most common problem on this model is the transmission, many have transmission leaks, check this out by seeing if it makes a loud noise as you change gears. (from park to reverse or reverse to drive)
MAKE sure it has been serviced and maintained correctly, and get it checked out before you take it home (get it independently tested) this is a very costly mistake.

as for repairs yes the car is much more expensive to repair than your honda will be, its a fraction more expensive than a bmw, insurance is relatively the same in comparison to a bmw more for a honda, servicing is more usually less frequent though, it pans out as it has higher resell value though.

Is that in $US? That is an excessive price. Realistically that vehicle would be worth about $10,000 in US currency. With that many miles, that price would even be a stretch for a loaded out CLK 55 AMG. I would recommend against it. If you insist, without seeing the car I wouldnt be able to accuratley answer this question: however, up until about 2004 MB had been outsourcing its quality control and it reflects in most of their models. They particularly have been know to have gremlins in their electrical systems, various problems, usually resulting in a high priced repair. Otherwise I would take it to a mechanic to check it out. If you purchase the car I would keep about $2k handy for any repairs. Otherwise, if you want reliability, buy a used Honda Accord. Get a V6 and it will spank the CLK 320 in every category, it will even be worth more down the road. Good luck.

dude thats nothin i just bought the sl550 09 try that one talk about a chick magnet

ANY Benz is an excellent car. No hesitation.

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