Stray Cat Feeding Question?

there are 3 stray cats that live in my garage. We have been feeding them for a month now.It has gotten to the point where they are outside and i see them they search for food os i go take some to them but when i come out they stop look and run.Im just placing the food down then when i place the food &amp:&amp: turn my back.there right there at the food.i want to see them and feed them right there i dont want them to run from me.How can i do this?

It takes time. I also feed the stray cats outside as well theres about 9 or more the number of them seems to keep growing. Outta all of them theres only two of them that allow me to pet them, another seems like it is curious and wants to come closer. It will sit close by purr and meow, but if i try to touch it it just runs.Being that they are outdoor cats, most probally won’t let you get near them were as some will. I ocasionally bring the one that lets me pet it and pick it up inside the house and let him warm up and rest for a while.

Feed them a small amount at the same place everyday at the same time. They will then learn that you are there to feed them and will become accustomed to it. After a while they may become desensitized to you enough that you may be able to stroke them. At any rate, after they get used to this, you should rent a cat trap. Place the food in the trap (unset, so it will NOT spring) for a few days. Then start trapping them and having them fixed.
They will probably never be tame enough to become housecats, but at least they will have food and a place to sleep and not be re-producing!

Your going to have to make friends with them. When you feed them, call them to eat. When they respond to your call stand there and talk to them so they get used to you and your voice. Every now and then call them and give them a treat.Left over meat or cat bites. Get a fish pole put a little bell and a fake mouse and go cat fishing . All cats love to play. They will respond to bell and soon you will find they will come running at the sound of the bell for playtime.

They are most likely feral (wild) cats who have lived their whole lives this way. I have several feral cats around my house…some of them eventually warm up to you but they have been taught by their mothers that people are not to be approached. Feeding them is a nice thing to do, I do it to, but please consider having them spayed and neutered. Most animal rescues will pay for this to be done. You have to have a live trap (a lot of places will loan you one) and then you take them in to be spayed/neutered and then let them go again. It’s the one nice thing you can do for them. Otherwise they will start bringing you back many litters of kittens for food. If they do bring you kittens try to catch them when they are young and give them to an animal rescue to be adopted out and save them from life outside. Good luck to you =]

What you are doing is called ‘socializing’ these cats, which really means getting them to trust human beings. Cats that are called ‘feral’ are really just unsocialized. They don’t trust humans, and not infrequently, they have been badly or even cruelly treated by humans. So it may take a little time, but not forever.

When you feed the cats, make a sound. Call heeere kitty, kitty, kitty. Or make a clicking sound. It doesn’t matter what sound you make or name you call, just so long as it is consistent, and they come to associate the sound with food. That way, whether you have food or not, in time, they will come when they hear the sound.

When they approach and stand and wait for you to put the food down, talk to them,in your gentlest tone of voice. If the look in their faces or in the face of an individual cat is watchful, wary make eye contact — don’t stare into the eyes (which is a sign of aggression) — but make eye contact and in the gentlest way you can, just slowly blink. Then put the food down and step away maybe 7 – 10 feet away. The blink is an &quot:I love you&quot: greeting in cat language.

Stand and wait at that distance, and see if the cats will come to feed while you are standing there, and which cat or cats will feed with you present and not moving. The first cat to feed while you are standing there will very likely be the first one that will befriend you, and will approach you. Don’t make any first moves toward any of the cats. Let them come to you. But just stand at a distance while they feed, and talk to them. It doesn’t matter what you say, just that they come to associate your presence and your voice with food.

After a week of standing at 7 – 10 feet, walk only 5 – 7 feet away. And after that, just be consistent about this — making your feeding call, giving a love blink, setting down the food, stepping away 5 – 7 feet, standing and talking. One day, it will just happen. When they see you, one of the cats will come up to you and begin rubbing against your legs, and they will circle you looking up at the pan with the food as you walk to the feeding spot.

At that point you may want to come up with a nice bed for them to pile into that is nice and warm. A wicker laundry basket is nice, lined with that kind of foam that you use as carpet padding, and overlaid with old, washable rags. The night before you put the bed out, put the rags you are going to use under you when you sleep, so they smell very intensely of you. And when you put the bed down for them, sprinkle a little catnip in it, so they get into it and smear their scent all over it as well. That way, they will 1) associate your scent with comfort (as well as food) and 2) they will use the bed (because you lured them into it with catnip and in the process of lolling around in the catnip, they got their scent all over the bed)

This whole proces will take maybe another month, possibly not even that long. Just don’t make any sudden moves toward them. Let them come to you. Always be gentle and soft-spoken. And be consistent.

After they are sleeping in the bed you made for them, and coming to you when you open the door at feeding time, you can maybe get them to the vet one-by-one to deal with the vaccinations and de-worming, and the neutering and spaying, so they are healthy. In fact, you may want to buy some over-the-counter worming medication and just mix it in with their food now. Another thing you can do now is mix some raw egg yolk (not white, which they cannot digest if it is raw) in with their food when you feed them.

Don’t worry. They will come around.

The cats are probably feral (wild). Their natural instinct is to run from anyone. I also feed a few feral cats. Of the ones I feed, it took three years for one to let me touch him and close to five years for another to let me touch her. There is one that I have been feeding for over five years that still won’t let me touch him. There is nothing you can to but feed them, talk to them, and hope for the best.

It takes time for them to come around. Try when you take the food out there sit down and see if they will come up to the food w/ you sitting there.

You should feed them kitten food because they have more nutrition then other cat foods, plus the strays may lack protein and nutrition so it should be very good for them.

get some Tuna, and sit out there with them, place the bowl of tuna close to you but not to close, and sit quietly, they will come up to investigate, don’t try and touch them yet, keep doing this for a few days, you’ll start making friends

They’re not used to trusting people so it will take time to gain their trust. Also, the more gentle you are in your movements and gestures, perhaps the closer you will be able to get to them.

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