Do Christians ever think about what they read in the bible?

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Now this is a serious question so I would like serious answers, and PLEASE do not quote from the bible since you DON’T know who wrote it or who assembled it. You just think you know and ‘thinking’ is not proof. I could write the bible if I wanted: how hard is it to make up stuff like talking snakes, grown men walking on water, virgins having babies…etc. Its nothing short of a harry potter book.

The main thing that scares me is that you all worship a God who created the devil. That has to be the craziest thing I have ever heard. Christianity is probably the only religion where God introduced an enemy. It gets even crazier when you all make excuses for God like ‘God made Lucifer not Satan’. By doing this you all make God look incompetent since he is all knowing.
So you all need to get your facts straight. Its either God did not know OR he knew Lucifer would become Satan. Either way you look at it, God has MAJOR problems.

But lets go with God knew Lucifer would be Satan. If God knew this then I guess God wanted there to be rape, murder, sodomy, abortions…etc. Many Christians say humans and the devil caused this, Christians are quick to clear God’s name although he made EVERYTHING (including the devil). I also heard a christian say that God love us so he gave us free will instead of making us perfect. I rather be perfect instead of living a life of struggles but then again its not what I want. Its all about God even though he loves us so much

You know what, next time a Toyota car malfunctions we shouldn’t blame Toyota although they made them willingly. We should just blame the devil or ourselves and clear Toyota’s name. You agree?

To wrap it up, I just DON’T believe that a PERFECT/ALL KNOWING/ALL LOVING God made Lucifer, its kinda like a doctor creating a deadly virus then going around telling people he can save them. What kinda messed up game is God playing? I didn’t even know perfect people still play games and run tests. Why would a perfect person need someone to believe in him and love him? Sounds like trust issues to me.

Only 33% of the people in this world are Christians so I am not worried …….as yet

Hi, I just wanted to point out that I read your entire question, so I hope you take my response seriously.

Let’s just sayGod created perfect beings with free choice.

Think about one thing… Before you get mad because I am a Christian, and before you prepare yourself to strike against my answer to your question. Just humor me… Can you humor me for a moment? I might give an answer that you can think about for a while.

Let’s suppose you were God… Naturally everything you create is perfect, and everything has free choice. You created billions upons billions TIMES billions of creations.

Would you hold back your power from creating a most beautiful Son that you knew would eventually turn against you if you knew he would in advance? You might say yes but think about it…It’s the most perfect display of love ever shown in the Universe.

Lucifer and his sin cannot be God’s fault even though God knew about it ahead of time. Lucifer was made a child of God and given the same treatment as all the other children, only he received even more. God loves him still and it hurts Him even now.

Is it possible that you are missing the bigger picture?

Don’t get me wrong, because you are asking the all important question for someone who is still searching for answers.

Let’s stop blaming God for a moment and think about… Oh… Your mother and father for example (or &quot:a&quot: mother and father).

What if a mother gave birth to a son or daughter and raised them PERFECTLY (impossible) in ALL ways, but the child turns on them. Is it then the parents fault?

Answer this please, is it the parents fault? They raised the child perfectly. Even if they knew the future that the child was going to be a bad child they would still make love and have that baby. LOVE is giving the child a CHANCE even though they may be rotten.

God cannot say &quot:I don’t want the trouble of this child because they are going to nail me to a tree some day andI don’t want go through that.&quot: That is not love. If God did not create Lucifer with Free choice, God would not be loving Lucifer.

I know my answer is long much like your question, but I would call you to think about it a little. Really think about it. As far back as your brain can ponder, just think, but don’t think with evil and hatred towards a God you don’t believe in ok? Think about this question as if YOU were God, otherwise you make God out to be evil based on your logic and reasoning.

I have my own reasons why I believe in God. I am not going to tell you my life story, but God has shown up in my presence and I have been with Him, very literally. I spent my life learning atheism, and I spent years away from God. The one time I prayed to Him when I overdosed from drugs, He came and rescued me. I denied Him still for the longest time, but He worked miracles in my sight. I should be dead right now. I can tell you without a doubt God is real because I have both felt His presence and spoken with Him face to face. He is NOT who you think He is, and He is carrying you in His arms right now. You ask these questions because you have a hole inside of you. that hole inside of you cries out in your question above and you can’t say it isn’t true. I might be the first person to tell you I have spoken face to face with God, and felt His intense power, but I won’t be the last. I am tired of people trying to explain away the experiences people have with God. You might be too young to know what I am talking about but I used to drop hits of ecstacy and I could feel and see the walls breathing. I can tell you that when I had my encounter with God is was much better than any drug I have ever done. It was pure and Higher than you could imagine. The feeling you search your whole life for magnified 1000x.

Don’t listen to everyone hear who says horrible things about others and their beliefs when they have no beliefs. They don’t prove anything with their hatred. Why don’t you taste and see that God is indeed very good. I guarantee if you put as much effort writing God a letter as you did writing your question, you will get a response.

I have met more Atheist on here that know more about the bible than Christians . I think the people that look to the bible without the OH SAVE ME . live forever and forget today BS that is propaganda of the &gt:&lt:&lt: and i despise this word so badly &lt: Christian&gt: have you traced the origin of this word . have you traced the origin of Religion of . if you do then you would understand why i despise the Romans and there God . not saying the people are bad . i know many catholics that do well with God . but i know many more that defile Gods word . like the POPE . this being is against the very principles taught in the bible . now the Atheist they come closer to the teaching of the bible than most so called Christians . the Christians fallow the commandments to OOOOHHHH aboid the depth of helll OOOHHHH and the Atheist do it just out of common sense . and proof of it is in the fact that all these holly rollers are not extinct . take the Christian cult . they have repetitiously tried to destroy all that oppose them and they are still being opposed . but the atheist have just went there ways and in fact live a better life . and the reason for this is Christianity decides who is atheist . they define what atheist is . atheist is not a way of life it is life without this terror of the boogy man the church uses to get the people to bow down to a god that they dont know or understand . Me i am not an atheist or a Christian . My eyes are open to all around me . and blind to all that is not . and if this makes sense to you then you are blessed with a godly eye . if it does not well your still blessed but by a different god .

It says in the bible that when Lucifer was made, he was perfect. God did give him free will and he was not a robot. His pride got him in trouble. But as for God knowing he would become evil and hateful, when he was made perfect, that was never the intent God had for him. What if Lucifer had accepted God making man and woman with so much authority. All would have been good. Is it not right for God to give honor to anyone he chooses. Lucifer could not accept that. His pride could not accept that.

What makes you think the devil is working against God? Clearly, the devil is doing what God tells him to do.

All disasters are from God, not from the devil.

You said no Bible quotes, but Isaiah 45:7 says The One forming light and creating darkness,Causing well-being and creating calamity:I am the LORD who does all these.

God does all these. This is further supported by a plethora of Scriptures.

To attribute the calamity to Satan is to supplant God’s authority.

The Bible addresses how evil came into the world. You are correct though that if not accepted the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. However by reading and thinking about it the premise is accepted.

I see by your question and what you say that you haven’t thought about what you read when and if you have indeed read the Bible.

i dont like reading 3 paragraphs so ill just leave now

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