Why do liberals lie about Fox news not covering the Rupert Murdoch scandal?

If you go to Foxnews.com there are over 1000 articles for it


All Fox does is lie. What idiot would watch a program that went to court to obtain the right to lie to us?


They have reported their own version, but pathetically.

I had to find footage on youtube, because I’ve not actually seen any coverage on Fox News live, they usually parrot their 24hr suppossed news to death but not with the Murdoch scandal I’m assuming the 60 seconds of youtube footage I saw was broadcast only once in the middle of the night around 3am when everyone was asleep.

There is absolutely no doubt Fox News will continue to keep quiet about the Murdoch scandal.

Fox does what Rupert tell them.

fox will do a cover up but no coverage that is critical of murdock the sleaze

Plain and simple, they don’t watch it. They attack and attack and attack, and then talk about all the &quot:lies Fox News spews&quot: that the MediaMatters blog covers. And then when you tell them they don’t watch it and are blindly following a militant leftist attack wing, they say &quot:I couldn’t watch that Fox news drivel for more than a second.&quot: Well if they can’t watch it for a second, then how the hell are they so enlightened, and so able to pick apart every lie? Is it maybe because there is a non-profit organization that watches it 24/7 to critique every misplaced comma and speech error, and then posts it on their website?

I bet 999 of those articles were paeans to Dear Leader Rupert.

Any Hannity special reports in there?

Hmm, liberals because that is what they do best besides bash minorities etc. one term

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