What cars are &quot:best&quot:? Toyota camry vs Toyota corolla vs Honda accord?

I seriously barely know anything about cars? This will be my first car (15 now, but I am thinking ahead as I will be getting a car soon)
But I don’t want to get an audi or anything super expensive, so I’ve decided to get either a toyota corolla or camry OR a honda accord – those are really the only cars I like, in terms of looks?

The mpg thing doesn’t seem too bad either? I don’t understand all the little EX EX-L etc things? (in the honda anyway, but I think the camry and corolla have something similar to that as well)

Which is better? I don’t need that much space since i won’t be driving others very often, maybe a friend or two every once in a while but yeah – after I get my license that is.

The cars I’m talking about are the new 2013 models, I am NOT talking about the accord hybrid plug-in, just the sedan! thanks.
Which is better for a teen? As for mileage, maybe speed? Please list the pros/ cons for each car? thanks – also please don’t suggest getting a car that is cheaper – i wanted an audi/ mercedes but no doubt I will mess it up somehow and fixing it will be pricey

The Corolla would be a good first car. Its the cheapest compared to a Camry or an Accord so it will be the cheapest in terms of insurance.

The Camry is comparable with the Accord, they are what I believe in the midsize class, while the Corolla is in the compact car class. The Honda Civic is comparable to the Corolla.
With Honda models, they have the trim levels for the Accord as LX, Sport and EX, EX-L (Leather Seats) EX-L V6 the LX is the base model, sometimes manual transmission, standard radio, and comes with standard package, abs, airbags, power steering etc. Now the LX will come with additional features, like gps, upgraded audio system, alloy wheels, etc. and the EX will have leather seats, bluetooth, and more.

The Toyota trim levels are L, LE, S.

Follow the link below to manufacturer models

Honda Accord.

All three choices are ultra reliable cars that will probably last longer than you. Literally.

The Corolla and Camry are too boring in looks in my opinion and they drive boring too with very smooth and quiet rides and numb steering. The Honda feels faster and sportier. It is more fun to drive. It handles better. It is still smooth, but a nicer car to drive.

Test drive them to confirm.

The different designations such as EX/EX-L show the level of equipment. For example EX-L basically means EX+Luxury. So you get all the equipment of the EX model and some more kit such as leather seats, sunroof, etc.

As for which car to buy, i’d go for the Corolla. Its the cheapest and most economical, just as reliable as the other two and should have enough equipment to satisfy you.

Of Course Toyota Corolla.

One place you can compare in is at the Consumer Guide site. There is all kind of information there on various new and used cars. Look it over, take some time and research these cars. http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com

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