Can you come up with some INTERESTING superstitions of the cricket players?

Some of the interesting ones ( for me, at least) are here:

1) Michael Clarke listens to loud music before going to bat.
2) When Grant Flower and Mark Dekker use to go to batting together, one use to say the other “I hope you get hit on the head” to which the reply used to be “same to you”.
3) Mike Atherton refused to be interviewed if he was ‘not out’ overnight.

Can you tell some amusing superstitions of the cricket players? Something we have not heard before. Like I know Sachin Tendulkar always wears his left pad first. Something new please.

) The cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar wears his left pad first.

2) Krishnamachari Srikkanth used to look at the sun, always wear the left pad first and always walked to the right of his partner while going to bat.

3) Michael Clarke of Australia listens to loud music before going to bat.

4) Sunil Gavaskar always use to ground his bat first before bringing his right foot in to position, while taking guard.

5) Sourav Ganguly use to carry the photo of his Guru in his pocket while batting.

6) Steve Waugh carries a red handkerchief in his left pocket which was given to him by his late grandfather.

7) Phil Simmons of West Indies use to have a cross attached to his sweater.

8) Mahela Jayawardhena kisses his bat while batting.

9) Roshan Mahanama use to muster some mantra and kiss the tip of his bat’s handle before every ball.

10) Jonty Rhodes of South Africa used to keep himself neat and tidy while padded up.

11) Craig Evans always use to put his left pad ahead of right.

12) When Grant Flower and Mark Dekker use to go to batting together, one use to say the other “I hope you get hit on the head” to which the reply used to be “same to you”.

13) During the 10 wickets haul taken by Anil Kumble at Delhi against Pakistan, Sachin Tendulkar used to hand over Kumble’s sweater and cap to the umpire before he was to bowl an over and kumble use to take an wicket.

14) Mahammad Azharruddin use to wear a tabeez in his neck and use to circle his head twice before taking starike.

15) Mahender Amarnath used to wear a red handkerchief while fielding.

16) Sir Geoffrey Boycott used to be alone in his changing room giving a deep thought on issues before going out to bat.

17) Imran the great Khan wore a tiger T Shirt in the finals of the World cup finals in 1992 purely part of a superstition.

18) Sanath Jayasuria searches something in his pocket while batting.

19) Rahul Dravid, the wall of Indian cricket, is very careful while putting his right foot first on the ground.

20) Indian cricketer Reetinder Sodhi is quite explicit and chants “japji sahibji” before a match.

21) Nikhil Chopra loves the colour yellow or black in his attire in which he bats.

22) Batting sensation Yuvraj Singh believes that the bandanna which he wears has changed his batting fortunes.

23) Neil McKenzie of South Africa saw his fortunes changing by resorting to some strange things. He used to decree his toilet seats be closed before leaving for the dressing room. Not only that. He then strikes the bat to the ceiling and then tapes the bat in the dressing room ceiling before every innings.

24) Hemu Adhikari use to look at the sun first while coming to bat. He then justified this habit that it helps him to adjust to the light on the field.

25) The great England cricketer Sir Leonard Hutton always use to carry a five shilling coin given to him by his grandfather’s friend with an advice never to part with it.

26) Bill Edrich and Sir Jack Hobbs use to put on the left pad first.

27) John James Warr of England had different ideas when desperate to take a wicket. He used to run inside the pavilion and then stroked his belly of a koala bear presented to his team.

28) Huge Tayfield of South Africa use to kiss the springbok in his cap when in need of luck to get a wicket.

29) Denis Compton of England used to carry a silver four-leaf clover with him.

30) Sri Lankan star pace bowler Chaminda Vass while marching back to the start of his run up before delivering the first ball, is seen pausing to cross himself like a devout Christian.


Mahela Jayawardene

South African player.
If only I could remember his name!
He was extremely superstitious.
He use to tape his bat to the ceiling before a game.

Neil McKenzie.
&quot:his fear of treading on white lines, his insistence on putting down all the lavatory seats in the changing room before going out to bat, and, finally, most bizarre of all, his habit of taping his bat to the ceiling.&quot:

He tapes his bat to the ceiling because his team played a practical joke on him one day. Taped his bat to the ceiling and he happened to score a century that day…

He was certainly an interesting person.

Mahela Jayawardena waits with pads on until the end of match if he gets out early.

I have seen this often.

Malinga kissing the ball before delivering it ,well it was satisfying seeing him get thrashed vs the West Indies.

Dhonki doesnt sleep withn sakshi till the end of tournament RSRD

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