What would you rather read and why?

I see in here all time people writing stories about people with special powers that range from telekinesis to mind reading to controlling the weather. I see stories about vampires, witches, wizards and werewolves. I am assuming that most of these stories come from young writers who are enthralled by these topics and types of characters. My question is, have they forgotten that normal, everyday people can become extraordinary characters if you mess with their lives enough. Push these normal people past their breaking point and sometimes amazing things happen.

What would you rather read a story about, people with powers, mythical creatures like vampires etc or a story about a normal everyday person? Why do you prefer this type of story?

I’m just curious.

I have always been a fan of fantasy. When an author successfully creates a character uniquely extraordinary, I admit I am hooked. The thing I love about fantasy characters is that the right person can awaken our imaginations and give us characters of a type we’ve never seen before.

The thing is, some people forget you can do the same thing with normal characters. It takes talent, but I have seen authors give us characters far more entrancing and imaginative than the ones in your average fantasy. People like Scarlett O’Hara, Randle McMurphy, Jean Valjean, and Jurgis Rudkus. They do not need powers to make them extraordinary. In fact, for me it is their humanity which makes them so remarkable.

The same goes with villains. Lords Sauron and Voldemort may terrify us with their magic power, but what about the villains that were only ever human? Can anyone match the self-absorbed cruelty of Humbert Humbert? What about the cold, calculating Mrs. Danvers, who sends shivers down my spine even when saying the most commonplace of things? Or perhaps the savage Roger from Lord of the Flies, not even an adult when he first murdered? The fact that they are human and can commit these atrocities scares me more than Sauron ever did.

I think sometimes, particularly with young writers, giving a character special powers is a way of disguising a Mary Sue personality, or of making the plot more dynamic. Needless to say, this strategy rarely works well.

Finally, I am brought to the answer to your question. Read about a person with special powers, or the average person? As long as the story is written by a decent author, I would prefer reading about a normal person. The reason is that I find it both entertaining and a learning experience to watch as a nobody rises up from among his or her equals, due to their own merits, and shines through their faults not because of -what- they are, but rather -who- they are. Characters that triumph the obstacles they face and are no more than average people are far more extraordinary than the any magical being I have read about.

Edit: My answer is way too long, and I rambled a bit. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Fantasy stories are my favorite, just because they tend to have more unique plots and characters, but I’d read a story about normal characters too if it was interesting and had unexpected twists and turns.

i enjoy reading about normal everday people because it’s easier for me to connect with them. sometimes i like reading about witches and wizards (example: harry potter) because it’s a great escape from reality. plus, in harry potter, the characters go through some issues that i’ve been through so it makes me feel like i’m not the only one going through it. so overall i guess it’s a mix of both.

Regular people. It’s pointless to read about wizards and mythical things. I want something that is grounded in reality where a lesson can be learned from the book.

mythical creatures/ ppl with powers
i would choose that cuz it makes it so much exciting and fun but with regular ppl its a boring old story.

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