Is there a a possibility that someone has psychic abilities if it runs in their family?

My sister and my great aunt have healing hands, reiki in other words and is there a possibility that I do? too?

Yes, but it can manifest differently some times, or only in certain ways. My great grandmother who lived until I was six years old was a seer. She read tarot and had visions. One of the stories my dad always tells me was that of him in high school when he skipped school to get on a bus and go to the beach. She &quot:saw&quot: him on a bus, and when he got home he was in big trouble. I have inherited empathic abilities, meaning I can &quot:feel&quot: someone Else’s emotions. Very helpful when someone is lying to you. But that is all I can do, I am not a seer. it seems to have skipped my dads generation, but sometimes I have the feeling that he just knows stuff if I try to hide something from him. So there you have it- Its never routine and sometimes skips generations, or perhaps it only manifests in women or men vice/versa. My advice-try it out and practice a lot- you might surprise yourself. I hope this helps 🙂

Yes. My family has a history of psychics. My mom always has visions in her dreams that always tell her stuff without people telling her. It’s scary, so I really can’t hide things from her sometimes. My great grandma was psychic.

I don’t know if I got anything, but I don’t think I do. My sister always has deja vu’s too much it’s too weird and annoying lmao.

Actually my family has a history of witch craft.. so…yup..

your good, yeah your not alone. heres what i can do, i have the ability to sense peoples emotions, i can look at aperson and tell em if thery good or bad. i can talk to spirits, ghosts, and my guides. i have dreams of events that take place later, if im looking for an object i close my eyes and i see a visual of where it is, if a person has a physical pain i can look at the person and absorb it, i can read tarot cards, im able to sense energy easy and absosb it…. such as past impressionr

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