If Barack Obama becomes PRESIDENT, will he be assasinated?

I was watching a youtube clip of voters in west virginia saying they think it will be a disgrace if a black man becomes president of united states of america. and some saying he outta watch his back if that happens…

do you think there will be a assasination attempt on Barack Obama’s life if he becomes president?

I cant help but think of Robert Kennedy and JFK. Robert Kennedy was killed right after he won the primary.

who else is afraid for Obama’s life?

people keep saying he has the secret service, but dont they know that the secret service was part of JFK’s killing?

the secret service can be hired to be a part of a assassination if the government tells them too..

im very scared for him, i hope he makes it.

Unfortunately, USA still have many racist people. It is possible that someone will try to kill him if he is elected as President.

Someone probably will try too.

I really hope that doesn’t happen, there are some stupid morons living in our country.

no need for worry…he has -0- chances of becoming President.

Read this to find out the real threat to Obama’s life:


No, but America would be assasinated by him.

I hope nothing bad happens to him. But he does have the secret service. Thoes men are trained to take a bullet for the presidnet.

But thats not why we shouldnt vote for him. He’s already got my vote

Only if Hillary is his VP.

That’s very possible I’d say. Not because he is black, but because of his racists, muslim traits.

It is possible.

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