I bought a car but within 5 days the exhaust fell off, what should I do?

I bought a 206 from a dealer in my area, it seemed in good shape. The dealer said he would put it through an MOT and a service.

I went to pick up the car and everything was great. 5 days later I was driving it and the exhaust fell off and dragged along the road. I rang him up and he said to take it to any garage and that it would be covered by my RAC 3 month warranty.
I took it to Kwikfit and got it up on the ramps. There was also a hole rusted through the catalytic converter. I rang RAC to see whether I was covered. I wasn’t. I then rang the dealer back and he said that I was basically on my own and that it was my responsibility to cover the costs (325 pounds).

I rang trading standards and they told me to write a letter with all the legal terms, which they gave me. I then sent the letter recorded delivery. In the meantime I had to get the car fixed for work obligations.

I sent the letter a week ago and have had no news.

In the letter I had stated that I felt it was up to him to cover the repair bill.
I also realised that the MOT certificate he had given me was old, he has since sent the new one. On the certificate there is an advisory notice of rust on the catalytic converter
I still have no record of the supposed service.

It’s the dealers responsibly to fix the car. Being a dealer and not a private seller, he must ensure that the car is in reasonable working order before selling, and anything that goes wrong within a certain time period (I think it’s three months by I’m not 100%) must be sorted by the dealer. There is no such thing as ‘sold as seen’ when it comes to car dealers.

The fact that he knew about the issue with the cat is something in your favour. Take the car back to him for repair. Don’t take no for an answer.

An exhaust is a ‘wear &amp: tear’ item, like clutches and brake pads and as such, are never going to be covered by a secondhand car warranty.

No doubt you won’t agree with this but legally you haven’t a leg to stand on, you should have checked the car properly before you bought it.

It is possible that the hole appeared after the car was taken over by you and although unlikley it would seem that the dealer had been dilligent in getting the car checked by getting it MOTed.
Unfortunatey, I don’t think you will get anywhere, although a threat of county court action may get them to pay. If you can at least get half off them it wouldn’t be a bad deal.

Uv bin conned.

LOL inspect a car before you buy it

you could just buy a new CAT off of ebay, and just weld it all together yourself

Get yourself to kwik fit, and welcome to the world of pain owning a car.

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