How long before the loony left claims Bush fabricated Iran’s threats to our war ships on Sunday just to go…

to war with Iran? Iran is already claiming the video is fabricated and the far left has always taken the word of dictators over our government.

Actually Iran is making that very claim now.

Ron Paul is &quot:remarkable&quot:, because of the fact he concurs which comprise your viewpoint. the priority isn’t in basic terms that some choose to transform us whether it calls for violence. yet another area of the priority is the 1st international’s economies are in step with low priced/transportable power. The unacknowledge third area is the toddler-boomers’ retirement invoice is the 800 pound gorilla interior the room. while the latter 2 collide it is not likely the 1st international might have the supplies for any time table. Even the &quot:OIL men’s&quot: stardard of residing will constrick because of the fact the economies spire down. Thumps down do not substitute the fact of the arriving prepare ruin. tell me the place &amp: why you disagree. Edit: not professional conflict – in fact my significant pastime is changing the economics of Renewable power. at modern-day might are below the phantasm that because of the fact the cost of power is going up Renewables some how stay an analogous cost to create. the main important cost of the infrastructure is the cost of the flexibility to create is. at modern-day to get a return ON investment the merchandising cost of grid skill might desire to skyrocket AFTER installation. the two one has to via layout create sell-able spin-off advantages or pay promptly for the infrastructure &amp: the land it sits on. keep in mind one has to pay for their power desires in strengthen once you’re seeking to seize &quot:unfastened power&quot:. in case you may desire to alter the economics of Renewables you are able to truly make the midsection East beside the point.

You got your answer already, the Iranian charge is picked up by the mainstream media the mouth piece of the loony left. Iran is continuing flaunting this irritant, remember the capture of the British ship, to provocateur a war or action so they can play victim status and get the left backing of their nuclear plans.

It’s won’t be lone. Their loony terrorist Iranian president leader has already started it. Let’s just sit back and see how many of them follow suit.

Shouldn’t be good for a few laughs.

As for those that asked where Bin Laden was and the WMDs, OBL is dead, killed at Tora Bora when we bombed the mountain cave where he was hiding and we found some of those WMDs but a captured general confessed the majority was sent to Syria as the UN was taking their time with OKing the invasion.

There was a noticeable delay in releasing the video, plenty of time even during the writers strike to mess with the audio.

The boats might not even have been Iranian, and even if they were the US. warships were more than capable of destroying them if they were actually threatened.

Basically it was a non-incident which has been exaggerated to whip up patriotic fever amongst the gullible.

Mission accomplished.

I don’t think this was fabricated, as you can see on Cnn , it was a move to make the United States to go to war with them.

It won’t be long….the US is ALWAYS wrong…haven’t you figured that out yet?

Hey Foxy…why don’t we just let all ‘little fishing boats’ near all of our warships??

Go speak to the 17 US Sailors that were on the USS Cole about what a little fishing boat can do to a warship. The USS Cole is a Destroyer!

I am not saying it was fake or not, I do not have the information to make such a claim

Almost the exact same thing happened before Vietnam war

If you do not pay heed to history, it is bound to repeat

Anyone who thinks that a small craft possibly piloted by a group of Islamic radicals represents no danger to an American war ship has a very, very short memory.

As far as the loony left – isn’t everything America’s fault?

Looney left liberals and democrats and the Iranians not much difference.

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