Dwyane Wade gets the most calls from the refs! Agree?

This guy acts like he gets foul each time. 2006 Finals. Not a Mavericks fan but got more free throws than the Mavs team combined! Even kobe or Lebrick does not get that much whistle!

Well, its different because sometimes he does get fouled. other times the ref’s are just favoring him out of all the players

I agree. I’m a Spurs fan so of course i hate the mavs, but that was an epic screw job. Remember they were blowing whistles when guys were not within three feet of Wade. That series was ridiculous.

As far as I have seen, Dirk gets his calls. Dwight sometimes doesn’t though. And I think Dirk gets away with many offensive fouls too. Like the knee high jumper… I thought that is not legal. BQ: I don’t know how you forgot Kevin Durant since he gets fouls as often as it gets. BQ2: It’s as bad as home-game advantage. Not enough professional refs.

Your right about 06 i was mad for mav fans on that one but durant gets all the calls now

10 FTA per game

Maybe he is just great at slashing and drawing fouls. No disrespect, but I disagree.

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