Are there good books refuting Holocaust denial claims & showing how it was possible exterminate 6 million Jews?

I have been seeking refutations for an age. I know what the racists say: I just want to know what the refutation of the racists is. In my past questions, in order to do this, I needed to present their basic stances and see can I get refutations. But I have gotten only dismissals or personal attacks. I am a person that likes to know both sides: Those that say and Those that don’t say. And I have employed much subtlety in asking the questions of why and how it happened. But it is becoming clear to me that society just wants to have its say without refuting those that don’t say, it just dismisses or attacks those that don’t say what it does.

I am not an expert on Jews or the Holocaust. It does seem like there is no freedom and openness to know: Why is theory A correct and the other theories incorrect? Please do not interpret ‘theory’ as meaning there no basis, I mean ‘theory’ with or without basis, like ‘the Earth is flat’ is the incorrect theory, while ‘the Earth is round’ is correct: like ‘the Earth travels around the Sun’ correct theory, while ‘the Sun travels around the Earth’ is incorrect theory.

My question follow this design
1) Why is theory A correct and theory B incorrect?
2) Why theory B incorrect?
3) Could generally rejected theory B be true? (implies: if you think not: Tell me: Why theory B incorrect?)

That is the model of my questions.

I would also be interested in books disputing all such false propaganda defaming Jews.

Where can get for CERTAIN what I want: refutations and explanations? But I don’t want any of this political nonsense: I want facts, refutations and explanations: anything less is not worthy of my time.

Just check the Nizkor website.


And as for whether it is &quot:possible,&quot: In the Rawandan genocide somewhere between 500,000 and 1 Million people were killed in only slightly more than three months.

And the killers were largely armed with Machetes and without infrastructure, trains, machine guns etc…

Go watch the movie Shoah. It features 9 hours of interviews with Nazi prison guards, regular Germans who were witnesses to what happened, like railway workers etc. If you want to read a book that very logically lays things out for you, then read _Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It?_ The author is Michael Shermer. You can also check out: Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory by Deborah Lipstadt. And this website has a lot of direct refutations: http://www.nizkor.org/ .
And if you want to have useful information about how to evaluate the quality of information, check out _Why People Believe Weird Things_.

And your logic about why it’s no good to ask a liberator does not track. You don’t want to ask an eye witness because their first hand knowledge might be too biased? Those are the very ones who have the information you want. How could a liberator’s opinion be biased if, as Holocaust deniers assert, there was nothing that happened and therefore there was nothing to liberate and there were no liberators?

There are plenty of books, photographs, films, eyewitness accounts and records, that document the Nazi atrocities.

There are indeed inconsistencies and inaccuracies in some of them – deniers pick on these inconsistencies as evidence of further, undiscovered inconsistency or inaccuracy. It would be pointless to write a book refuting those core inconsistencies – even if they are built into a wilder, illogical theory – because they do exist.

While historical study is riddled with opposing views based on the interpretation of events, generally you will find that certain core facts are accepted, because there is overwhelming evidence for them, it is on the fringes of those facts that disagreements and re-interpretations occur.

One of the most damning arguments to support the events of the Holocaust is that the deniers rarely, if ever, look at the fate of 5.5 million non-Jewish victims. There is an obvious reason for this, however another is that there is no justification for positing that the descendants and recorders of these 5.5 million had anything to gain from revealing the facts of the Holocaust.

One “theory” doing the rounds is that many of the victims were not killed but died of disease – typhus (and that the typhus spread because the water supply had been damaged by Allied bombing so it wasn’t the fault of those nice Nazis – a clear canard). Evidence from medical officers in the liberating forces refutes this, giving starvation as the main cause of death – but it was a fact that typhus did exist in the camps and did kill some of the prisoners.

Perhaps I should take some time to do some reading on that subject, but the unfortunate fact is I could spend 19 hours a day for the next ten years and still not read more than a fraction of what I would like to read, what I wish I had already read. But I have had some friends who went through it, saw others die. Their word is all I need.

A link for you. I thought I had already sent it, but I would recommend you read it.


You could read hitlers book, mein kampf. Be careful if your American owning that, the government doesn’t look happily on people owning it. There isn’t many books still in exstince. Two members of hitlers political party wrote books but I’m not sure of their names. know one really cares about the nazis point of view, no one wants to know. Oh you can buy Mein kampf off amazon once again American government don’t like people reading it.
Lastly. The public wasn’t entirely aware of what was happening to the Jews, gypsies etc until it was happening. My great grandfather died in the second world war a nazi he was drafted in 1943 and died a year later on the Russian front. Not everyone supported him but there was just enough followers to give him complete power.

In answer to your basic question, NO. There are no &quot:good&quot: books regarding the refutation of the Holocaust as it actually happened. I lived in Bergen-Belsen for three years, so I believe that I am right in my statement.

OK, you have now been given a bunch of suggestions. Go away, take the respondents’ sites/books/people, and **never** ask this question again until you’ve actually come to a conclusion.

Do you think you can do that?

Find someone that helped liberate the &quot:camps&quot:.

They will be able to tell you in very graphic terms.

Any non-fiction book on the Holocaust would do the job.


Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxPwz_emD…


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