Jews: If Torah is the complete book from God, then why some Jews follow Talmud ?

Why do some Jews don’t trust their own Book, and add-up man-written stuff to religion? Do you follow God or do you follow Rabbis ?

All your question does is display your gross ignorance of what the Talmud is! The talmud is NOT the book we follow- we follow the torah. The Talmud contains two parts- the Mishnah (oral law) which is the part of the Torah that Moshe taught directly and did not write down, and the Gemorrah- Rabbinical explanations and case studies of the Torah and Mishnah. The simple fact is, that the Torah cannot be followed without the Mishnah. In many places a law is only briefly alluded to or given in a very summarised form- it is impossible to understand how to follow the law from what is written doen. it is only in the Mishnah that the full details are given for us to know how to follow the brief statement in the Torah. One example is when it comes to Kosher food- all it states is &quot:You will kill the animal the way I told you to&quot:. No matter how much you search the Torah, you will find no further details on this, only the Mishnah contains the necessary elucidation!

edit: Ignore DSM and his misqupting of sources and lies about Judaism- tt evidently comes from the his insecurity with his &quot:conversion to &quot:Messianic Judaism&quot: and the fact that no Jew will accept &quot:Messianic Judaism&quot: as anything but the Christian movement it is.

Even hear of the word PARDES? P is for Peshat. This is the plain meaning as it would have been understood thousands of years ago. R is for inference. D is basically sermonizing or explaing the Torah in your own style. S is the symbolic or hidden meaning. So when it comes to the Oral Torah, which one is it? Clearly not the Peshat (simply, plainly stated) as you have proven. But then what does Oral mean? Doesn’t it mean by mouth? In this case people were told to teach the Torah to their children. Also Abraham was taught to circumsize without a written commandment. But to suggest that Rashi’s words, Maimonides’ words, or Akiva’s words came down from Heaven to Moses on Mt. Sinai is foolish beyond measure.

The Old Testament itself is a collection of works of law, history, poetry, songs, love song or a theatrical play, proverbs or wisdom sayings, parables, commentary, lament, praise, genealogy, warnings and exclamations to kings, etc.

Some of that is in the New Testsment (4 different partial biographies that contradict at several key points) and there has been countless editing of these texts. Numerous gospels, apocylypes, several Acts and teachings of the disciples, letters of disciples, book of Mormon, pseudography, some church leaders filled with the holy ghost, considered some of these in the canon, but other churches rejected a few of those but added a couple others that God gave them. There have been countless commentaries and other writings by apostolic leaders, doctrine, creeds, prayers, books, new rituals, songs, poems, Christian fiction, sermons, collection of sermons, history, analysis, criticism, etc. How often have you heard a sermon (the word of God given through the ‘man or woman of god by the holy ghosts, with a few lines from the OT, a few from a couple of books in the NT, some jokes and stories of the pastor and his/her experiences, words from secular books and TV news, and a whole lot of man and woman and sometimes childrens made up stuff? The call it the word of God according to sola scriptura. And then there are some churches of God who believe all of the OT or an indeterminate amount (verses depending on which church or which pastor) is obsolete and replaced with most of the NT (but maybe not James or Galatans or Revelation).

name one religion that doesn’t have a man written book. they say it ‘s the word of god but it’s all the same garbage. it seems to me you hate jews–if your religion preaches that concept, then you’re a muslim. and the koran was definitely written by an illeterate person with the help of another, who actually did the editing when he saw conflicts of facts–you should check out what you say better-the talmud is the torah. you are just proof that religions are the biggest problems in the world and i thank god i’m an atheist. (just kidding)

The 24 Books of the Bible were closed to additions since the time of the Great Assembly. God gave Moses the Written Torah by day, Oral by Night along with the Esoteric. While the written discusses to eat kosher, the details are found in the Oral, the prayer for before you eat comes from the Oral (which the Church follows), but the prayer before meals is in the Written. How to avoid sexual depravity is found in the Written, but details in the Oral, to set up courts of justice found in the Written, but how to found in the Oral. EACH religion has ORAL: Christians, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoism, and all the others. Actually, Islam was all oral until 170 years after the death of Muhammad with many various editions floating around. Even the Christian Bible was oral until Mark appeared in the 2nd century and not even Jesus wasn’t defined until the Church Council of 325 ce or even the trinity.

You follow who? People that decided on which translation or book was to be your bible, who is your pastor, etc. Jewish sages didn’t become rabbis until after the fall of the Holy Temple in 70 ce and none were such titled before then. The Jewish Supreme Court was followed and how and why the laws are followed in each generation in all situations goes to the great scholars only if it is good for the many–therefore God-Fearers worked with the Jews to be righteous by following the Noachide laws as found in the NT in the book of Acts, they are also in Canon law (which was oral or decades), and Islam (oral for decades). The legal system of the Torah is for the good of the people, not made-up, but a given right by God to keep it current with problems and situations especially since the Torah contains so much science, astro-physics, medicine, inventions, surgical issues, beginning of life issues, marriage situations and even how to build a mikvah, etc. While churches are still living in the temple times of Rome in their concepts &amp: dogmas, Islam is still living in 800 ce. Judaism is very modern, allows debate, arguments, questions which are recorded for all to see.

Not all Jews follow the Talmud. There have always been Jews who follow the Torah according to the most obvious meaning of the text. Today they are called Karaites. Karaites only accept the Hebrew Bible as authoritative, and strive to adhere to it’s plain meaning. The responsibility is placed upon each individual to study and understand the Tanakh for them self. Since ultimately the individual, not their Rabbi, is responsible for their own actions. Here are some Karaite resources.






EVERY religion has an equivalent to the talmud. most notably, the catholic church and its catechism. but christianity in general has a massive library of interpretive literature that goes beyond what’s in the bible. you’d be a hypocrite to hold the talmud as evidence that jews are less sincere, especially if you’re a christian. i don’t know of a single christian denomination that relies solely on what’s written in the bible. but you’re welcome to try to convince me otherwise.

The Talmud is interpertation of the Torah, not an &quot:addition&quot: per se.
Try to live your life exactly according to the Torah, we’ll see how far that gets you (hint: not viable).

According to Judaism, the Torah was given to man to interpret, and man has the authority to do so.

Extra-scriptural interpertation (Talmud, Mishnah, Halachah) is a big part of Judaism, the &quot:Bible only&quot: insanity is a Christian thing.

could u be anymore insulting?

response: maybe their god wanted them to use their brains and hash out how to work the religion. &quot:Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy&quot:

Okay – how do u do that? What makes it holy? What is considered holy in Judaism? Where’s the instructions? There’s stuff about what u can’t do, not what ur supposed to do.

That’s where their Talmud comes in.

Why do Xtians celebrate Easter? Why do Xtians celebrate Christmas? Why do Xtians do pray loudly? That’s not in their bible. That’s man added.

Why do Muslims pray towards Mecca? Mohammad first prayed towards Jerusalem until he got all p*ssy that the Jews wouldn’t call him a prophet. Why do Muslims have restricted food stuff? That’s not in their holy book (or its contradicted if it is)

What you are quoting is biogtry at Judaism &amp: Talmud… not actual knowledge of what Talmud is or how it works. These claim of &quot:man made stuff&quot: is old, old anti-Jewish rhetoric from 1500’s.

In fact, Torah is complete but like anything in this world that is complex it takes analysis &amp: discussion to figure it out. So, Catholics have councils &amp: papal bulls, Protestants have their writings. Judaism has it’s analysis all organized &amp: laid out in a democratic way so every Jew can see it &amp: study it themselves (together).

It’s nothing different than any other religion. The difference is, it’s Jews, so it gets picked on.

Here’s a good site on Talmud:

Messanic Jews is a Christian group that distains Judaism so much they use our name (really steal our name) to make it easier to fool vunerable Jewish children &amp: seniors into converting. Many Christian groups have decried them as not honorable &amp: all Jewish groups are offended. They are more than 98% never even Jewish, &amp: anyone who converts to a new religion (non-Pauline Christianity) doesn’t get to claim the old one (Judaism) now shares it’s views. As can be seen by the person(s) here, the distain comes through, as they attack Jewish answerers for their Jewish beliefs….often with illogical misquotes &amp: lies about what anyone every said….and decidedly no clue how proud we all are of our answers. — Because they reflect a great religious traditionm, which this group has zip understanding of &amp: is always mushing up with odd claims.

You mix up my self-sense, with those beliefs officially of Judaism. In this way you prevert every quote, never understanding when people are telling their own views, vs. when they are telling the religon’s. It requires reading &amp: comprehending other writer’s word. For example, endlessly Jews have commented on how irrational the term non-messanic jews is, since Judiasm believes in a messiah concept, a very different one than Christianity’s, but we had it first. Another example, you place critical importance on &quot:belief&quot:. That is thorougly Christian focus. Third read my answer again- you totally mistate what I said about inspiration.

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