What can calm a crazy dog?

I live with my boyfriend and he owns a bichon, and it is out of control. he jumps all over the place, acts out of control when I’m not around especially b/c he knows I will put him in his place. My boyfriend doesn’t have the energy to train the dog, and he says he wants him to be free, mean while the dog doens’t know any manners and walks all ove the furniture, eats his hair off and itches himself all the time. When guests come over its crazy the dog doesn’t stop, like a constant circus act. Please help me out??!!! Any help/ support is appreciated!!

Why not offer to train the dog yourself to your boyfriend. Talk to him and tell him that you understand that he wants his dog to &quot:be free&quot: but if you continue that pathway eventually someone or something is going to get broken/hurt and then he’ll be upset. That you are simply trying to help before something happens to where it’s out of control.

When he confronts you saying &quot:You hate the dog&quot: or &quot:leave him alone&quot: then say you are doing this because you love the dog and you are protecting him from someone getting hurt or something getting broken.

(Also take something that really valuble to him that he likes a lot, and say well I’m only trying to protect your things and the guest comes over. What would happen if your dog got into _____(insert valueable item here)____. It could be really bad and then you wouldn’t really like the dog. Or even take a friend or family member and say something like well what happens when so and so comes over and your dog is acting like this and he accidently scratches or bites the person because he’s &quot:being free,&quot: then you’ll be in trouble).

Part of talking to him is about wording. You have to sit down and talk to him in a calm patient voice when he’s not doing anything of importance and is willing to listen. You have to bring sound arguments to the table and reasoning skills. You can’t get angry or upset, and you have to use a soft calm voice.

Take small steps, don’t expect him to agree right away to all the training. If he agrees that you can train him to be respectful towards you as well as other guest, then start with some thing small.

For example (I don’t know if his dog is house trained), but crate training, or even leash walking. That way your dog get use to respecting you little by little and listening to you.

You can even sneak in a few &quot:training sessions&quot: by saying your playing with the dog, such as sit, down. You can trian your dog &quot:off&quot: by gentle pushing him off saying &quot:off&quot: when he jumps on strangers or is in your personal space. That would be 1 step towards training.

As for the itching part, that can be do to poor grooming. You have to make sure that your boyfriend’s dog gets the proper grooming as in bathing, brushing, dental. When your boyfriend’s dog is scratching then simply get a brush and just brush him. Or depending how often your boyfriend gives him a bath, you can offer to bath his dog.

When guest come over then try to &quot:off&quot: (I explained earlier). You might also want to try to hold him and have him get to know the guest (depending how large the dog is). Basically you have to take responsibility for your boyfriend and train his dog. Sounds really immature, but it might work.

If your boyfriend does not agree to this at all, then there is not much you can really do except entertain and play with the dog. Once something major happens then it’s too late and he will realize what a large mistake he has made.

Good Luck. I hope I helped.

Play with him more often!!! Take him for LONG walks, to a dog park, buy him a new toy, or just be nuts with him. As with the guest issue, discipline him. Put him in his place. My grandma has a bichon that was nuts as a puppy, but after a little while was great. She is now three. Also try to find him a playmate!
P.S. On occasion, try Rescue Remedy. It is to calm dogs down!

While Marley &amp: Me made for a cute story. Marley was miserable to live with! Marley was a perfect example of an very active, untrained dog. All the behaviors you’re describing are normal puppy behavior. Believe me they won’t be so cute when the dog is 75#. Soooooooo, start training NOW!!!! Adequate exercise &amp: training will make all the difference.

He’s eating his hair off and itching all the time because he has a physical problem. How is your ridiculous idea of putting a cone on his head going to help? He needs to go to the vet to find out what that problem is. As for the rest of it, neither one of you deserves this dog. The solution to his behaviour problem is not to put him in a crate – the dog obviously isn’t getting any exercise, no obedience for mental stimulation and you actually wonder why he’s &quot:like a constant circus act&quot:. The both of you need to put some effort into this dog or find him a home where someone has the time for him.

Sounds like your bf isn’t really into trying to train this dog, so maybe you should. Tell your bf that you would love to take his beloved dog to an obedience class. Heck, it could be a lot of fun for you! Trust me, this dog can come between you and your bf. Been there done that!!!

I’m sorry but if you bf does not want to train the dog there really is not much hope!!!
This dog id acting like a child given no boundaries of course it is out of control.
NO training BAD dog

this type of dog is a high energy dog.
get him lots of toys and bones.
you would be doing him a great favor, by crate training him, in time he will obey and calm down.
remind your boyfriend the humans are in control, not the puppy.
god bless you both.
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Your bf does not deserve to have a dog at all because he is NOT a responsible owner. Can you just picture him as a father?????You need to get a new bf and take the dog with you.

take it for lots of runs so it always has enough energy to run and eat that way it will sleep lots and be quiet whenit does something bad spray it with water or smack it in the bum if u need to lock it in aroom when guests are over

i have a crazy dog too and for Christmas i got these treats for him there called &quot:Zen Puppy’s&quot: and they are supposed to calm dogs down i tried it and it worked u can get them at like pets smart and pet stores. and even though it says puppy in the title its not just for puppy’s.

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