PLZ HELP! Sudden change: my 4 year old chihuahua scared of everything/one except me?

Okay, I realize this will be a long essay but I’m doing this to try and attempt to explain any possible reason i see for my dogs behavior… i think that if u guys see why she may be acting this way, maybe you can help more… Sorry for the length, i tried to keep it short. thanks in advance guys, and i do pick a best answer 🙂


My baby girl is 4 years old, as noted, and she used to be afraid of nothing. She enjoyed meeting new people, and was the most playful dog i have ever seen. Even by herself, she can play for hours xD

Two years ago, my other chihuahua, whom is my … love, my angel, passed away. I had had her for over 15 or so years. I still mourn her. Anyhow… after that I noticed a change of course in my current baby, as they were close, but she grew out of it in time.

A little after that, I had to go out of state for a few months and couldnt take her with me. When I returned, she had changed drastically. She had been a bit over weight (nothing drastic) while with me, and active, playful, etc. When I returned, she was so skinny it scared me [&amp: i know my grandparents fed her fine, don’t believe that’s the issue], also, she had lost ALL and i do mean ALL desire to play with me, or by herself, which for her is insane.

As I said, I had left her with my grandparents. They have a scnoizer (cannot spell!) whom is getting older and I am wondering if while I was gone maybe she was taking my dogs food, I’m not sure.

But in any case, when I came back, slowly she began to be herself again. She’s gained her weight back and looks healthy again: she’s playful, and just when everything was getting better……

About 6 months ago I had to temp. move back in with my grandparents. The two dogs got along fine unless a person was around, then they would growl, I didn’t feel comfortable but I honestly didn’t think their dog (grandparent’s dog) was violent. Well, I was wrong.

About 1, maybe 2, months ago, I had left my dog out in the yard longer than normal because I was sick and had fallen asleep. Again, she at this time was back to her normal self. I woke up to screaming. My grandparents were trying to get their stupid dog off of my dog. But it wouldn’t listen X_X

My grandmother simply had said my dogs name, my dog was running for my room, and then went back to see her. When she did, their dog, (who, in comparassion to my chihuhua, is huge) jumped my dog. It was biting and grabbing mine by her neck, shaking her.

My dog would get away, run trying to get to our room, and the stupid dog would catch her again and repeat. When I woke up and ran out, she had made it to the hall. And their dumb dog attacked her again. But i was there this time, and that dog hates me, just as much as i hate it (i dont believe in abuse! but…that dog…i cannot like.)

Their dog doesn’t like me because it DOES fear me, and not them. Again, I’m not a fan of animal abuse but I am also not a fan of watching a dog slaughter another.

So, I yelled for her to stop, she dropped my dog and my dog ran back of me, i let her in our room, shut the door and we’ll end that part there.

When they got their dog from me, I came into our bedroom, she was crying so hard it broke my heart and it hurts just thinking back on it. She couldn’t stand up much less walk, she had chunks of fur and flesh gone, blood was all over the house and her and me, and her 1 of her eyes was 100% blood red.
She still cannot walk straight.

OBVIOUSLY she was terrified and traumatized. That night as i was getting some things ready 2 fix her wounds with, a paper slid off my desk and hit the floor… that sound sent her howling again. And to this day, paper scares her.

She slept in my bed that night with me, and off and on since. But the past week, [HERE COMES THE QUESTION SORRY!] she has been refusing to sleep alone… She whimpers and cries, jumps around until i put her up here which is no big deal, i actually prefer her to sleep in my bed (i love to spoil my dogs, they are my children), but it goes deeper than her refusing to sleep alone. She is AFRAID to, i want her to sleep in bed because she wants to, not because she is scared and wants to be safe. I want her to feel safe again period. (I have it now where their dog cannot touch my dog. they do NOT have contact and i do not leave her outside longer than her time even when sick.)

But more examples of fear for you guys…. uh… ok, since then, if she hears something such as a smoke dectector beep or especially my phone beeping because it needs to be charged, she hides, SHAKING. Literally, gets out of her bed and hides in the corner or behind something.

If a paper falls, she jumps and hides. Even sleeping with me, if she hears me move too quickly she is up and at FULL attention.

I left my camera on out of curosity of what she does when i leave the room. My friend watched and said she stands at the do

Your dog has been traumatized. Flat and simple, she’s afraid of everything because she has everything to fear.One of her eyes being blood red and the fact that she can’t walk straight speaks to brain damage which can cause drastic personality changes.

Have you had your dog to the vet? You need to have her assessed for brain damage. If she checks out fine then you need to start working with a behaviourist to teach her that there is nothing to be afraid of again.

Edit: Try starting over as if she was a tiny puppy again. Go back to the very basics of socialization and training. Teach her tricks to build her confidence. Get her out and around people and other animals while making it a very positive thing (treats are your friend) as much as you can. Don’t let her just be isolated in your room as that only makes it worse. Keep her active, try to keep her mind going.. And when you can, at least consult with a behaviourist. This is a major issue and most likely can’t be done alone.

Costs vary from place to place. In a big city you can expect it to be more than a rural area.. Can’t much help you with cost.. But I can tell you that you want to look for someone who has a lot of experience using POSITIVE methods (the only kind that should be used with a fearful dog) and good references. Someone with experience with fear based issues.

That’s sad. That poor thing has been completely traumatized. It’s like how a little kid would act after being beaten to within an inch of his life. He would sleep with his mom and be scared all the time. I don’t know what you could do. The dog obviously remembers the day because the paper certainly brings back the bad memories. Dogs dream too. She probably has doggie nightmares all the time which is awful.

Probably she’s been traumatized. Maybe her wounds are gone but she’s still mentally damaged. You could bring her to a dog therapist, they can help you in your concern.

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