If and when a world war three happens…what will you do?

HONESTLY we ALL know a world war three will happen. It might be tommorrow. It could be 1000 years from now. But eventually its bound to happen fought by weapons or hell it could be a GIANT cold war.

IF a draft wasnt instituted would you stay home with your family or would you be out fighting? What if the usa or canada or wherever you live was invaded and slowly dominated?

All I know in THAT scenario is my dad has a shotgun and a few .22 rifles. And im not going to be lined against a wall and shot. Allthough with nuclear weapons we may not even use small arms. It could be &quot:hey kusek I dont like that american city,boston…do you?&quot: Kusek may then go and push a big acme style red button and launch a very uncartoonish missle at boston.

What would you do?

Bend over and kiss your butt good – bye. The war will be a nuclear one. Cockroaches will rule the earth………..

Me Ive Retired from the Army in 2007 so don’t think you will be seeing me in uniform for this one and i don’t live any where near Boston so i won’t worry about the big one so that leaves the unlikely hood of some one stupid enough to try to take this country i think a 30ot6 should keep them at bay don’t you

Depends on whether rapture is pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post-tribulation.

There are convincing arguments for pre-trib and mid-trib. If rapture is pre-trib (my belief), then I will not be here for WWIII. If it is mid-trib, I will do what I can to protect my family as I am WAY too old to be a soldier, but I will use my own weapons fighting to protect my family.

Either way, I have read the book (Bible) and know what eternity holds for me, so I do not waste time and energy worrying about WWIII.

I’d go Outside- &amp: watch the World End, in Disgust… -It shouldn’t take long… Maybe 45 minutes, at the MOST. Nuclear Bombs work pretty quickly… 🙁

I’m from the USA and I would defend my country.
I wouldn’t have to be drafted.
My country would come before all else.
If it meant death I’d rather have that than be a wimp and let them destroy my nation, my home, and my family.

I live in NYC, ground zero, in a war of nukes. I will die like everyone else here

Can’t wait for the revolution , fight the government thugs.

I dont know
and im too scared to think about this stuff!

I’d be buying a shotgun….

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