did God change His mind?

the old testiment is so violent and the new testiment is all about peace.
i know that none of us are fit to judge God’s actions. i’m just curious to see what y’all have to say.

When the Bible speaks of an unchanging God, it is telling us that God will always be a loving God, He will always be a just God, He will always be a merciful God, He will always be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. The Bible is telling us that God’s character and being will never change.

The Bible is not, however, telling us that God will never change His rules.

Old Testament laws were a temporary measure to bring some law and order to a primitive, violent people and until society evolved to the extent that those simple laws could be replaced with more complex ones. An imperfect analogy is the maturation of a child. You have one set of rules for a toddler that at some point become a fairly different set of rules for grade school child and then a whole lot of new rules for teenagers and then you have certain standards for mature Adults.

Some of those old laws seem harsh by our modern standards but we need to remember the Old Testament Mosaic law was originally given to a nomadic people, a people who would not have permanent homes for over a generation, and even after that would not have strong buildings, police, prisons, or any of the trappings of law enforcement in our world.

A person who was a chronic law breaker or a bad influence on that society was a danger to their survival and had to be eliminated because there was no place to keep him alive in custody. Death was therefore the penalty for many crimes under that law, because the influence of the criminal could not be contained in any other way and there was no other way of dealing with the law breakers.

The Old Testament law also provided standards and rituals for the faith as well as structure for the society of those times, health regulations for the control of disease, moral direction, and quite a bit of law was focused on preventing Israel from following the false idol gods of their neighbors.

Much of Old Testament law was therefore just for Israel or just for that particular point in time – a temporary measure until society evolved further.

An imperfect analogy is the maturation of a child. You have one set of rules for a toddler that at some point become a fairly different set of rules for grade school child and then a whole lot of new rules for teenagers and then you have certain standards for mature Adults.

We can see in the Bible that over the Centuries God progressively updates most of the rules to fit the times, circumstances, and the people to whom He give them and to take into account their changing circumstances.

As for what law still applies to us today – Jesus confirmed that the 10 Commandments still applied, but his blood on the cross replaced the old cleanliness, purification, atonement, sacrificial and temple worship laws plus he did away with stoning adulterers and blasphemers, killing rebellious children and a lot of that much stricter Old Covenant stuff because civilisation had changed since the time of Moses. The old nomadic life had given way to a more agricultural based life with many people now living in towns and cities and had better facilities for dealing with these problems.

But God is the same God – a God who forgives but also a God who punishes evil and Jesus is coming back to deal with the problem of evil once and for all, but at the moment God is biding his time to give everyone a chance to repent and be saved.

The biggest difference is that under the Old Testiment Man was still directly responsible for his/her sin and under the direct penalty of the Law. Under the New Testimentwe are sheilded by the grace attained through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That is the reason for the difference in tone.

The Old Testiment is still important for some historical context about the New, but it is the New Testiment that dictates how we should live our lives. Jesus was specifically sent to save us from the penalty of the Old Testiment Law and through His sacrifice the Law was fulfilled. This in turn once again allowed Man to have a personal relationship with God that he had not enjoyed since the days of Adam and a select few of the patriarchs.

No, God did not change His mind.
The Old Testament’s purpose was to tell mankind what sin is and what the consequence of sin is. Throughout the entire OT God pointed the way of salvation to Jesus Christ.
From Genesis when He told the serpent about his upcoming demise at the hand of the Son of Man to Revelation where the end of the world controlled by satan is predicted, the message is always Jesus Christ!


James M:
Obviously YOU haven’t read the book of Job because in the end God asks Job if he was there when God created everything and if he could have had ANYTHING to do with it.
Job finally realizes his insignificance before an Almighty God.

i don’t think of it truly is God that has replaced. people do in basic terms not get it. Jesus’ second coming is meant to be a international miracle that each you’ll see. So we are going to get what you’re inquiring for finally, I in basic terms imagine people get over excited with attempting to foretell even as it is going to happen. the ingredient is, people do get healed as we talk. And there have been different indications and wonders. God’s protecting off on the international miracle till the end yet even Jesus’ miracles weren’t performed interior the eyes of each guy on earth. They were performed in view of persons and the testimony of those persons had to be adequate for others. i’m offering you with my testimony that i have both been healed of a crippling disease myself and likewise considered others healed and considered stunning indications. i have even had God heal my cat! What do you do with my testimony? What ought to you’ve concept in case you’ll lived in Jesus’ time yet under no circumstances in my opinion considered the miracles your self? i do not recognize why God does issues the way he does. usually miracles accompany the assertion of God’s Kingdom it quite is God’s energetic reign. i’m putting ahead to you that God’s Kingdom is at hand and it truly is genuine! keep in search of him and inquiring for better, see what he will do. do not decrease your destiny to what you’ve experienced interior the previous. God is larger than that. i’m hoping you adventure God in a sparkling way and characteristic an incredible day!

Yes, He must have. I’ve made this statement before, using different wording, but the difference is very noticeable.
Maybe the old man got tired and turned the business over the the kid. You know He lives in the Bahamas now, just soaking up the sun and wasting away in Margarita ville.

yes you are right in saying that none of us are fit to judge his actions. but, did you read and try to understand what all the violence was about. if you reread the bible you might understand. and no, he didn’t change his mind.all the violence was due to the Israelites not following his commandments, or some foe had to be defeated in order to fulfill his purpose. hope you find what you are looking for.

Your question is nothing new…read the book of Job…actually READ it, not listen to some people-in-the-pew BS about how Job was unquestioning and faithful…Job complains through the whole book, and finally stands before God and asks God why all this cr*p happened to him….and God just gets p*ssed off and then doesn’t say anything else…I think that’s why the Jewish scripture ends with the Book of Job….

Christ changed so much about God and his Word. Its sort of sad though, if you think that God required a human sacrifice in order to forgive us of our sins (which he knows before hand anyway). Its very confusing.

OT is under the law and the NT is under Grace.

The OT shows us how wonderful it is to be under God’s Grace.

The new testament happened differently because Jesus died for our sins so punishment was no longer needed. God still judges but he gave his son so he doesn’t have to do those things anymore

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