Tell me the IP address of this ADSL router?

I have an ADSL modem/router of XAVI corporation. Its model name: X7721r+. I don’t have its manual. And also I don’t know its configuration page IP address and username &amp: password. I google &amp: yahoo searched for it, but in vain. I tried the XAVI site to look for it, but couldn’t find it there either. Could you give me these details, i.e., its IP address, username &amp: password? If you know, that’s great or could you find them for me?
I tried all I knew, like:,,,, etc. But none worked. That’s why I want you to help me.

start –&gt: run —&gt: cmd (enter on keyboard)
then type ipconfig /all
look for gateway ip address and that’ll tell ya what the routers ip is
The login could be just about anything, best to contact your isp and have them reset it to factory defaults for you….otherwise try the usuals like admin/admin or admin/password or no name and admin for password or password for password or root for both.

first assign ip for local pc,like open internet explorer—&gt:type—&gt:give user&amp:Pwd:admin

hey wats dat?


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