team with the best looking uniform and worst looking uniform?

Best: Cubs (both pinstipes and alternate solid blue ), Detroit (home white with old english D), Red Sox (home whites).

Worst: Other than Astros and Padres…Detroit (road greys), Pirates (home).

The best looking uniforms are the Dodgers uniforms, and the worst looking uniforms would probably be the Padres or Rays uniforms.

you could bypass with numerous the unique Six possibilities whilst determining the perfect. The classic ‘hawk head’ on the front of the Blackhawks jerseys lead them to the perfect. The purple wings even have common, yet classic unis. The worst are with the help of a techniques the substitute jerseys for the Nashville Predators. The mustard-yellow is unfavorable…

Best: Cardinals, White Sox, Yankees
Worst: Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Rays

The best looking ones are the Dodger uniforms. The worst are…..I’ll go with the Padres I guess.

Right now, the Padres uniforms are the worst of the 30 teams.

The best right now are: the Dodgers, The Yankee pinstripes, and the Mets’ (black tops) and Rockies’ (black and purple tops.)

The all-time worst are the Astros uniforms of the ’80s, they were hideous.

Dodger unis are the best. San Diego Padres are the worst imo

Best: Cleveland Indians (home), basically plain white shrits, gray pants

Worst: Florida Marlins, their colors (purple and green) don’t say &quot:we’re gonna kick your a**!&quot: or the Padres &quot:camoflauge&quot: jerseys

Best are the LA Dodgers and the worst are the Florida Marlins.

classic Yankee pinstripes w/no name, just a # are best. Padres under Joan Kroc circa 1979 gots to be the worst.

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