Spiritually speaking, do you ever have &quot:twilight-zone&quot: days?

A day where everything is just… weird. Not necessarily bad or anything…

I had a great day, but it was totally twilight-zone-ish. Still is…

Bonus question: How do you feel about red lipstick?

No, I never have weird days. Everything is always normal of course.
By the way, I think there is a gremlin outside my window right now.

BQ: I don’t think anybody can pull of lipstick because it isn’t natural. What is wrong with loving a woman’s lips for what they are? However me, I can pull off some lipstick and I look smokin.

I have those days all the time! I even call them the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I am in Bizarro World, like that one episode of Seinfeld with Bizarro Jerry.

I even had a day where a goat [I live in a city, it’s not rural at all] ended up trying to smash through the glass windows at the coffee shop I frequent… and then chased a girl to her car, and had her sitting on the hood crying for ten minutes while it circled her. Now THAT was an odd day.

I love red lipstick. It’s gotta be the right red for the skin tone, though.


I was actually having one last night….when even the air feels, off.

I usually only wear red lipstick, its deep red almost black at times. Goes with the black hair and pale skin =)

I love red lipstick BUT with natural eyes because then you might just look like a whore.

yeah, i totally know the feeling!

– With the right outfit, i think red lipstick can look great! not everyone can pull it off though. It depends what you’re wearing, and where you’re going really. I don’t like it as an ‘everyday’ thing. But definitely as an ‘every second weekend or so’ thing! haha

Sometimes, yeah. Though I suspect most weirdness is in the eye of the beholder.

Red lipstick is cool on special occasions, not if it becomes a daily thing. Girls that put on a lot of makeup every day just scream out &quot:high maintenance&quot:.

I am having one of those days today….everything just seems kind of weird. Of course, I have a lot of those days so it might just be me….

Red lipstick..no I don’t have the complexion to pull it off. Red makes me look like a clown.

Yes, but in a bad sense. I’ll just walk around and I’ll be all dazed and out of it.

BQ: Red lipstick is nice! Nothing like fire-engine red! =]

Yes I do, It is hard to escape them though, but you will be just fine, everything will be just okay, I wish you all the best. Our-lives is like going up and down of the sun. Have a nice day and may God see you through all your troubles and keep you safe.

Red lipstick clashes with my grey beard. Hey,every day is like that when you hit my geezerly age.

nothing wrong about red lipstick (on females)

some of those days when my addiction to Y!A breaks loose and i spent all day monitoring the R&amp:S could be defined as thos twilight ones.

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