Dogs giving birth to puppies?

My dog took four hours in between giving birth to two puppies. I can still feel at least two more inside. It has been more than 7 hours since she gave birth to the second one and there are still at least two more inside. Is this normal? Can she really take up to two days to give birth? Any answer would be good. Please no accusatory of spaying or dogs being killed in shelters. This was an accident. Thank you.

I would see a vet this morning. She may need some oxytocin. After this long one of the remaining puppies may have died. Sometimes they come loose from the placenta after that long.

I don’t think it will take 2 days. I’ve watched a lot of documentarey’s with owners going through the process, You might be pulling an all-nighter though. If she is a small breed dog she may actually need a C-section (which is why i don’t think a dog would be in labor for 2 days – the owners would taken the dog to the vet before so and probably ended up getting a C-section or something other.)
Give her more time, though, escpecially if this is her first litter and she may be young since this was an accident, so even harder then.

I would call your vet asap! It should not take 7 hours in between pups!! And if you are positive you feel one in there, its most likely dead and it needs to get out of there asap. This is putting mommy and the other pups still in her at risk!! It doesnt take a dog 2 days to give birth! Take her asap!!!

Take her to your veterinarian. She may have dystocia, or uterine inertia (both terms mean she’s having trouble giving birth). Have the vet examine her and take an x-ray of her belly to see how many more pups are in there (if any) and whether she needs a c-section. Don’t wait.

yes, it is true that she can take that long to deliver pups (I mean the 4 hour part). 7 hours seems to be a little bit long… Just make sure that at the first sign of complication you contact your vet.

Well, I won’t lecture you on spaying, but this accident wouldn’t have happened if she had been fixed.

I think you’ll find that the pups might be stuck, I’d get them all down to the vet ASAP, it might already be too late for the unborn pups, but they need to be removed.

That is a very long time in between. You might want to call your vet.

Your dog might not be having any more contractions, you might have to take her to the vet.

You need a vet that is too long in between puppies, one may be breach or stuck, it can kill your dog and the puppies.

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