Who is your favorite user in the politics section, if you have one?

I personally enjoy the loveable ducklin and her (or his) ignorant answers.

Josh is my favorite user 🙂

No Chance Without Thor tied with Fizzy Bubbler Resurrected and honestly, pretty much everyone on my contacts list (I’m not indecisive)

Too many to count. My contact list is on overflow and I love many of them.

There are others I really enjoy as well, and they’re from both sides of the fence.

Each and every one of my Contacts, especially my Fans. They’re all brilliant conservatives with a wicked sense of humor–some avatars are worth the trip to Y/A alone!

Any Libertarian One

I always like Atheist Chuck, even when we don’t agree with each other. I also like the guy who had the Leave it to Beaver avatar.

MaryJane Dark Goddess and Josh but I like many other conservatives on here as well.

Myself and/or trolls. Which, were you to include the latter, would mean I like every single user on yahoo answers politics.

I like myself. I dont like other users here because they’re all ignorant and support stupid policies

For the most articulate, best argued, and most thoroughly researched
contributions, I’m compelled to name myself.

(You did not stipulate that it had to be someone else.) [smile]

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