How to get rid of depression?

have very very many problems now and very many things needed to do now. I know I won’t manage to do all needed in time or will do this bad because it’s just to much of this! That’s why I’ve become so depressed that I even can’t do anything at all and only just sit on-line or watch a movie or do anything else but not what I have to. I almost stopped going out of my house. And I fill time passing so quickly! And I also feel like nobody loves me and nobody really cares about me. I’ve also broken up with a boyfriend with who we were together for several years and now he doesn’t speak to me so that’s also hard to feel. Can anyone help me with an advice how to get rid of this depression? Thank you very much! Maria

I totally agree with &quot:The Birdlady&quot: EXCEPT that you can’t put a price tag on happiness. I’m adding a link on depression for you. You will need to see a counselor. Just talking about how you feel, to anyone who will listen, sometimes helps and you make realizations on your own as to some things that have caused you to be depressed and what to do next. Ask your counselor for a good book on overcoming depression. Some other answers on here are good. You have to make some lifestyle changes to feel better, rather than being stuck in a rut.

Good luck. 🙂

there’s only one hope for depression. That is an effective anti depressant medication. Depression comes from a checmical imbalance in the neurotransmitters and the brain and nothing in the world will alleviate unless you compensate for it. The right medication will do it. When you’re depressed, you’re unable to interact with a therapist by talking or be with or around anyone so talk therapy won’t work. Being around people is a waste because the loss of interest makes it difficult to tolerate company and again, verbal interaction. You will have no desire for pets or taking care of animals as it’s too labor intensive, too complex and your mind can’t handle it. Excercise requires motivation which you have none. Until you can compensate for the chemical imbalance that’s causing the depression and anxiety, none of these suggestions are useful.. Once you regain your sense of motivation and desire to do things, only then can any interaction or activity possibly help feel good.. There are ssri’s, snri’s mao inhibitors and trycyclic anti depressants. Some work better than others depending on the individdual. It is frustrating until you find one that works well with tolerable side effects. If none of these are ever an option, try ect (shock therapy)l

It goes like this:

&quot:Talk Therapy&quot: (with a qualified psychologist) alone usually doesn’t work very well.

Drug therapy alone does work.

Talk therapy combined with drug therapy works best.

I am assuming that you are not severely depressed, only moderately so. The first thing you need to do is to be put on the right anti-depressant medication. This usually reqires some fooling around with TYPE of antidepressant(s) and DOSAGE. Plus, it takes time to kick in until you will start to feel better, While you are waiting for this miraculous event to occur (and when you start to feel the weight of the world almost melting away you will be really happy that you made the wise and educated choice that you did) then you may also want to talk with a psychologist about how to improve your coping strategies, and so on. They may or may not be able to help. Sure hope you are weathy because they are EXTREMELY expensive, It’s really more of a luxury than a necessity. Don’t forget that they are in the treatment business: the more frequent your sessions and the longer you continue with them the more $$$$$$$$$$$$ in their pocket. Buyer Beware is all I am saying.

may i suggest , you make a list of things to be done, in order of priority and also set timelines to do the same. The satisfaction of ticking off done items is great!
Watching movies or spending time online is only a form of escapism. Just turn off that TV. Listen to music instead.
forget the boyfriend for the time being and get your life into order!
I am sure once you get busy with work, there wont be time to think about him.

All the best honey!

hope i have replied to ur question earlier
getting rid of depression is to just get rid that ‘s all.
u comeout of the house in fresh air and do deep breathing and sit clamly for sometime.
think about good things,
keep busy yourself helping all ur family.
don’t worry about boyfriend. u will get another.
be happy. start working on the above.
automatically u will be out of depression and u will feel happy.but do this continuously for atleast 2 to 3 months though u don’t feel like or even if u don’t find results instantly.

You might need to see a doctor and check if you really are suffering from depression. If you are she will probably prescribe you some medications and refer you to a psychologist for counselling. Just remember the saying &quot: This too will pass&quot:.

The depression is understandable but you are also allowing it to take control of your life.

Make a short list of things to do and try to do a few each day. The process of beginning to rebuild your life must be begun by you and the sooner it is tackled the easier it will be.

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Sign up for yoga and meditation class, there are yoga studios everywhere, and yoga is guaranteed to help. Sorry to hear that you that you broke up with your boyfriend 🙁
Make it your mission to go out of the house, just for a short walk around the house if nothing else.

You don’t need to feel like this. Go to a doctor and get some help..he may give you medication..but it will work..everyone needs help now and then..good luck.

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