HELP PLZ! girls and guys can answer, but mainly guys should!?

Ok, so i like this guy, and i am almost positive that he likes me back. last week he asked me if i was going 2 a dance that was last night, and i said yes, and convinced him 2 come. the only problem is that the dance got cancelled cuz our skool had a gas leak. there is gonna be another dance on the last day of skool, and how do i get him 2 go out w/ me b4 the dance, and have him ask me 2 the dance. PLZ HELP. I AM AWARDING BEST ANSWER, SO PLZ PUT SERIOUS APPROPRIATE ANSWERS. THANX!

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i wanna go out w/ him this yr, cuz next year we go 2 different high skools. the end of the yr is rapidly approaching! HELP!

Aren’t you always awarding best answer?

So if he was going to go with you before, he’ll go with you again…just give him hints and he’ll ask.

Additional Details

Well, maybe you should of made it clearer:

&quot:he asked me if i was going 2 a dance that was last night, and i said yes, and convinced him 2 come&quot:

Why did you have to convince him to come if he asked you?

OH and about the against girls asking guys out…why not? It would make relationships better because you knowwww alot more guys ask out girls that they might not as much. But when a girl does it she reallllllly likes the guy. Its kinda hot 🙂

So why?

If you are almost positive he likes you, what is the problem? Call him or email him, text him or whatever and say hey, how would you like to go to a movie tonight or grab a bite to eat. Break the ice, if he is interested he will say yes and as he gets to know you, he should invite you to the dance. Good luck.

Dial his number,close your eyes,talk to him and get it done with.

He is not a Celebrity so why is so diffcult to invite him for the dance and instead of waiting for Donkey years hoping for miracles to happen?

Just do it and you will be pretty surprise on the end results.

Good Luck!

Tell him that since you guys didnt get to go to the Dance then you should go on a date instead…fair enough….or just tell him that your really into him….give a few compliments here and there….dont play hard-to-get to much….

I’m always a fan of saying what is on one’s mind (tactfully). I suggest asking him to do something that would put you both together.

ok so you like him and he likes you right??? ok well what you need to do is (mabie) be sneeky and get some of your guy friends that know him or that you and him share and get the guy friends to interogate him until you get and answer.so basicly you have a spy belive me i have done this tons of times…well…yeah…

hope that help you

just be like so do you want to go to a moive just you abd I and when your at the moives ask him there if he wants to go out with you

Ask and U will be given.

tell him u like him.. confess…
since u knw dat he likes u back…
cuz it’ll make it easy for him findin out dat u like him back, he might ask u out

you called my question gay and pointless? you can’t even spell school!

there is no no help for you, and lord help this poor boy if he really wants to go out with you

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